Chapter 7

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Okay so since we haven't heard from Life that much ( even tho he was in the last chapter ), and Dreddo, I'm gonna bring them in A LOT.
In case you've forgotten who Dreddo is, he's the quiet, cool, and smart dude from book 1. He helped Life and Kaeden find Mya when she was taken.

Kbye. lol






I've been real distant these last 2 years, and when I say distant, I mean distant.

I did something that I will forever regret. I don't know if my girl will ever forgive me, or if Life, Mya, and sosa will even forgive me.

" Daddy  " Tyrese, my son said.

Tyrese Amon Jordan Jr. He's my everything. He's 9 years old. Yeah. Me and my girl been together for that long. Been together since she was 14 and i was 15. Now she 22, im 23. Her parents put her out when she got pregnant by me, at 14. We was young and careless, but im glad she the mother of my son. She my ride or die, for real for real. She been there for me since we was in the sandbox. I always knew she would be my wife one day.

"Wassup lil Nigga"

" Don't be callin my son no Nigga" Ariah, my beautiful girl said.

She was now 5 months pregnant with my second son. Lawd.

" I'm sorry bae " I said, kissin her then her belly.

Jr started poutin.

" What's wrong with you? " I ask

" You don't show me no love " I laughed

" Comeere " I say

He sat on my knee and layed down on my chest.

We talked a lil then he was knocked out. I put him and bed, then me and Ariah cuddled.

" What did you do " Ariah asked out the blue.

" Huh? "

" You're never this catering. I mean, we do shit, but all day you've been ... I don't know. Perfect "

I sighed. Its better now than never.

" Bae I fucked up " I say.

She sat up.

" What do you mean? "

I sighed.

" Lilly lil girl could be mine ... "








" Nigga the fuck you mean 'you don't wanna fuck with me nomore? " Jaz, this hoe I fucked with said over the phone.

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