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The evil cuco Phillipe! And a kidnapping

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A week passed. And just like everyday Abby was peering out the window, glaring. For the first half of the week it was for the hero. Then she noticed that chicken, the same chicken from the first day they arrived; made a habit of glaring at her. "Lizy..... it's there again."

"Again?" Lizy asked and walked over. "What dose that thing want now?"

Abby gulped. "It's planning my downfall. I saw other chickens. They didn't glare at me like this one but I know they're in cahoots!"

"If you leave them alone I am sure you well be fine Abby" Lizy said. "Its just tiring to get under your skin"

"It watches me Lizy.... i think if i don't kill it first it's going to kill me." She crawled to the corner of the room where her things where, grabbing her bow.

"Your going to make it mad.." Lizy said

"It has to be done!" She hurried over, taking aim. The chicken ruffled it's feathers. Abby grit her teeth. "Phillipe, so we've finally come to a show down."

"And its going to call his" Lizy said.

The chicken lifted his head and let a loud cry. Soon other chickens came flying at the window.

Abby screamed a war cry, shooting a bunch of arrows, she then jumped for her things. She grabbed her sword and jumped at the attacking birds. "Die Phillipe!"

"Oh brother..." Lizy sighed "Farore please give me strength"

Abby was screaming while blindly swinging her sword. After a while of losing she jammed for the window. leaping in she quickly closed it, heaving as the birds attacked the 'shield'. "Those things are evil. They cannot be stopped!"

"Well they have been known to be the hardest thing to kill" Lizy said. "How many were out there?"

"A merceless army." She answered.

"Wow.." The other said. "That is a there even that any in Hyrule?..."

"Apparently." She slowly opened the window again. Phillipe was standing at a distance, watching. "Damn his cunning plans." Gasping she waved a hand at Lizy. "There's a green man walking to close! We must warn him! Quickly'/! Grab parchment and write for him to not look it in the eye and give me it!"

"Um okay?" Lizy said and wrote down the waring and handed to her. She was now also looking out the window"

Abby grabbed her bow, tied the note onto a arrow, took aim, and shot the ground directly in front of the man. He quickly took a step back, seeming puzzled. "We just saved his life." Abby said with a sigh.

"I think he is confused" Lizy said looking at the man closely. "What...that sword..."

"Good idea, lets write another note. Only this one saying for him to assassinate Phillipe with his sword. He'll never see it coming!" Abby said seriously. The blond man was holding the arrow and note, looking around.

"No that sword its the Master sword..." She said. "That's the hero!"

Abby looked again. "The hero's kinda cute and dumb for standing so close to the demon cucco.... he's lookin at us by the way. Do we shoot another arrow with a note that reads for him to come here?"

Lizy already jumped out of the window. She soon landed in front of the man. "Hello hero I have been waiting"

Abby jumped after her. Keeping her distance from Phillipe.

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