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[Lilian's POV]

The air was a little chilly. I bent down and pulled up my socks, letting them hug my thighs. I took the ends of my sleeves, hiding my arms. I put up my black hood and continued walking. The animals followed behind me, not wanting to leave. I didn't mind, since they always stayed in the forest. I saw a cerulian blue gleam and walked towards it, signaling the animals to follow. I sat down beside the stream of glowing water, telling the animals it's alright. The birds rested at my shoulders, snuggling by my short, purpled tiped hair. The bunnies rested at my feet as the deer drank the water. I looked up at the moon, letting the glow enhance my spirit. All felt right with the world. I put a hand gently on the deer, petting it's back. I then heard what seemed like gun fire. The birds flew away and some of the bunnies ran off. The deer peaked its head, The noise grabbing its attention. I put up my hand as a lavender flame surrounded it.

"W-Who goes there?" I said timidly. Then the moon shown down on a figure.


Hi guys! Sorry about this being short and all. I'll be trying to add more dialouge and possibly add a human character so that I get down my characters personalities. This is my first fanficton, so please. If you could try to give me some advice on how to make it better, I'd appreciate it.

-Gina, the WaffleOtaku

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