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  I was running. Running away from those lab people who'd hurt me. On the outside and the inside. I was crashing through bushes, trying to dodge trees that kept popping up in my path. I could hear the heavy footsteps being me, thanks to my super sensitive ears. My caramel colored fur was matted and dirty and probably a little bloody.
  I have no idea where I'm going, but it doesn't matter. I thought as I pressed forward, dodging a squirrel, who scampered up a tree. I wanted to follow, but I had no claws. They had de-clawed me a long time ago.
  I moved my ears around, trying to hear the lab people coming. They had stopped. I was confused but I didn't stop running. I saw something just up ahead and it looked like a weird creme colored boulder. I was planning on jumping up it to go over it, but when I entered the clearing where it stood, I leaped right into a small square shaped hole, learning it was hollow.
  I landed on all four paws, but slid along the cold floor and crashed into a small open door filled with large metal cups with long silver handles. It hurt. One of them fell on my head and I backed up, trying to shake it off since it was messing with my hearing. All I heard was echo's of my own panting breath.
  All of a sudden the thing was lifted off my tiny head and I looked up. I flattened my ears in fear. There were two human boys staring down at me in confusion. One had bright hair that looked like sand, carrying a gun, and the other one had soft blue hair like the sky.
  "A cat?" The sand haired boy said. I panicked and dashed under their legs and ran into a wall. I stopped briefly and turned, looking for an exit. "Will! Go get mom or dad! I'll get the runner!" I heard one of them shout. I glanced back to see the blue haired one running up some stairs and the sand haired one chasing me, the gun laying on the ground behind him.
  I put in a burst of speed, trying not to run into the many things that were in the room. I was planning on jumping over their long chair, but I felt two big hands grab my back legs, causing me to trip and fall. NO!!
  "Yes! Got ya!" I heard him shout in victory. I clawed at the floor, trying to get away, but he held me tight, sweeping me off the ground and into his tan arms. I struggled to get away. I tried clawing at his arm, but I had no claws, so it didn't really help.
  I saw a woman in glasses come down the stairs with the blue haired boy following. I was to far into panic to actually understand what they were saying, I just had to get away. I saw the woman glance at me a couple of times then say something to whoever was holding me, before she went back upstairs.
  I finally slipped free of the boys grasp, and ran further down the hallway. "Hey! Get back here!" His sharp tone made me slow down a bit. Apparently the blue haired boy was waiting for me, because the moment I slowed down a bit, he scooped me off the ground and handed me back to the blonde haired boy. He held me tighter than before, almost to the point where it hurt.
  "Oh no you don't!" He said when I tried to wiggle out again. I felt hot tears coming to my eyes, and before I could try and hold them back, they fell. "C'mon kitty! Stop cryin'!" The boy holding me said.
  "But I have to get away!" I shouted with a strangled voice. I heard them gasp and I realized my mistake.

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