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3 weeks later

~ Selena ~

The dance was in a couple weeks now. Justin and I have been doing amazing. I got a new fridge. We repainted the house. I never realized how nice the house actually was until we cleaned it up.

So we had spring break and Justin and I finally finished the house.

Truth be told we actually had a nice house my dad had a good job. So after my parents got married they moved in here. You know they wanted alot of kids so they thought big house more space. But then they had me and they were in love. They were perfect high-school sweethearts. But after my mom died things started going down hill. I had to move in with my grandparents. My dad had become and alcoholic. Drinking everyday since my mom died.

((We are going to say she died after Selena was 1 Year))

My mom died 17 years ago.

So I guess he was killing him self slowly.

But before he had a well paying job. So he bought the house cash. Not needing a job after my mom left.

All of this was running through my head as I was sitting on the porch of the house.

"What are you thinking about" He asked

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"What are you thinking about" He asked

"Nothing" I look at him

He smiles. I smile back.

The next day

~ Justin ~

I slam the door of my car and walk up to the front of the school.

I walk to my locker and hear people talk about some new girl.

I see Grayson.

"Hey man" I say

He turns around and waves.


I open up the locker and grab a book

"So have you heard about the new girl?" Hey says

I shake my head.

"Nah I haven't"

"She hot bro." He says

"Looks like you've got your eyes on her" I laugh

"Oh yeah. Everyone is trying to get her to go to the prom with them. But she's only going with one man" He points to himself

I laugh. "Good luck then bro" I say and walk off

I need to to get to class so that I could retake one of my tests. That when I feel myself run into someone.

She was small.

She looked up with her brown eyes looking right at mine.

"Sorry." She smiles innocently

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