I woke up just like everyday, however this time i couldn't move, my body ached. I screamed out in pain trying to move my body but that only caused the pain to increase. My mother rushed into the room along with my father "Oh, my baby girl" my mother sobbed "It's happening isn't it?" she questioned my father.

He nodded in reply "I'm afraid it is honey" his eyes held tears.

"What's happening?" I whimpered as pain shot throw the lower half of my body.

"Your changing, like grandma always said" Mother told me.

"Your the next one" Daddy stepped in.

"The next what?" I questioned fear was all I was feeling right now.

"Guardian wolf" I heard them say before blacking out.


Six year old Jessica ran through the garden with her grandma's dog digger "come on digger" she panted running toward a rose bush, hiding behind it, she places her fingers to her lips, signaling the dog to be quite.

"Ready or not here I come" Her grandmother called out "I wonder where little wolf got too" She watched her grandmother check around the garden but still not finding her. Jessica let a giggle slip from her mouth causing her and her grandmother to freeze. She saw her grandmother head in her direction, not wanting to be found Jessica made a run for it, digger followed her giving her away.

"Found you little wolf" Her grandma says picking her up and swinging her around "great hiding spot little wolf" Jessica let out a giggle.

"Grandma, why do you call me little wolf?" The young girl asked

"Well you see young one, we Evan's have special blood. The males in our family can turn into giant wolves to protect people from the cold ones" She told her.

"Can daddy turn in to a wolf?" Jessica asked

"He used to sweetie. He gave it up to be with you and your mother" Grandmother placed Jessica on the ground and sat down "And the reason I call you little wolf is because every 10 years a female from the tribe phases" Grandma smiles at the excited look on Jessica's face "but she isn't like the others" Grandma shook her head "She has far better control over her wolf then the other. Also the knowledge of how to fight and the weak points of enemies. She becomes a protector not only over humans but a pack as well, however she has to search for her pack. And will know for certain if she in the right pack when she imprints"

"What's an imprint?"

"It's like love at first sight, you be anything for that person whether it's a lover, brother/sister or protector, that person will become the wolf's reason for living" She explains.

"That sounds wonderful" Jessica smiled widely.

"Well I should hope so little wolf" Grandma took a breath "because one day I believe that you will become the guardian wolf" The image began to blur but the last thing she saw was her and her grandmother messing around.

~flashback over~

I woke up once again but this time I couldn't feel pain, standing up I headed to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I swear you would of thought I had been ill, I headed downstairs to see my parents whispering in the kitchen.

"But she'll have to leave My mum sobbed out, dad wrapped his arm around her.

"I know sweetheart but there's nothing we can do, it's part of her duties as a guardian"Dad whispered "we could always move when she finds the tribe her imprint is in"

"your right" Mother says wiping away her tears.

"Always am Dad teased back before pulling her in for a kiss making me groaning.

"Can you please not do that in front of me" I moaned making myself known to my parents.

"You feeling better?" Mum asked looking me over.

"yeah, why shouldn't I be?" I asked curious "Oh, I know maybe because what grandma said all those years ago are meant to be true, I mean seriously have you guys gone mad" I randomly barked out leaving me a bit shocked. I've never talked to my parent like that before "Mom I'm so sorry I don't know what came over me"

"No it's fine baby" Mum reassured me.

"It's all part of the transformation" Dad told me. I scoffed in annoyance.

"Really! It's not true" I growled out my whole body shook, I had no clue why I was getting so angry over nothing. My dad came up to me and began leading me into the back garden. Suddenly I lost all feeling in my body and then the sound of clothes shredding before landing on all four WAIT all fours.

Huh, I guess the stories were true.

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