Author's Note

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Since the last part was the epilogue, this book comes an end. The journey was super special and that is why I have an idea. To write some of my favourite and requested chapters in Xavier's point of view. So all  of you can know what thoughts and events he went through while on his journey with our Samantha Collins!

The book in Xavier's POV is out now and it will be updated regularly. This author's note has been updated on 8th November 2016. And since I will be frequent with the updates, comment right away which chapters you want to see in Xavier's view. The first chapter is already published. Go check it out:)

So if you like this idea, comment and tell me which chapters do you want to read in Xavier's POV :-)

Also, my new book 'Her Mismatched Fate' is a spin off of IBH which features Bella's adult life. Alec will return and there is a love triangle and a mystery she needs to get out of. So if you ship Bella and Alec, check it out!

Love you guys!!

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