Chapter 2

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“Wait- come again?” Kirito asked, surprised by the sudden statement.

Sinon sighed, “ Like I said, I’ll be staying here for the summer, if your chicken head still can’t make out what I’m saying then I’ll say it slower to you if you want.”

Moments passed without a word being said, it became more and more awkward between the two. They just stared at each other’s eyes. One of them had the look of shock and disbelief, while the other just looked completely uncomfortable and a bit worried.

‘Did I really make the right decision… I mean the others were in on this too but judging by the way he acts right now it feels like he doesn’t want me to be here.’ 

With that thought in mind, Sinon became more anxious by the second, the palm on her hands were sweating so much that it could form a puddle. Her glasses were becoming foggy and her breathing increased dramatically, it’s like as if she was about to get another panic attack. Her head was becoming light as she fell to the ground.

In one swift action, Kirito jumped off his bed and caught her.

He was worried about the girl, shaking her gently to hopefully wake her up.

“Mmm,” She moaned.

“Shino, are you okay?” the boy asked kind of loudly, and clearly worried.

“Yeah, just give me a couple minutes,” she replied softly, “My head’s still a little fuzzy.”

Kirito’s once worried eyes were now filled with relief after hearing her reply.

‘I guess we’ll stay like this until she’s okay again .’

A small smile appeared on his face. He gazed at her, the light emitted by the slightly opened blinds were hitting her perfectly. Her smooth flawless face glowed, her skin was soft and her calm steady breathing made her look even more beautiful than she already was. He was dazed. Unknowingly to Kirito he started to lean in, slowly closing the gap, while blushing furiously.

Noticing that a familiar warmth was still  around her, and the fact that they haven’t moved in a long time,  she slowly opened her eyes. When her vision became better he could see Kirito’s gazing eyes just inches away from her, she also took note that their lips were probably half an inch from meeting. She could feel his hot breath on her lips, the scent of it hit her like a train. As much as she didn’t want to admit it, the scent of his breath was addictive. With the thoughts in her head, she too began to blush hard, really hard. A strand of her hair fell to the side of her right eye, and Kirito slowly wiped it off, placing it behind her ear where it was originally. Then he cupped her cheeks, this made them blush even more.

They stared at each other’s eyes, lost in the charm that they both gave off to one another. Ever so slowly, they began to lean in even more, their lips literally a spec from touching... But then suddenly a loud thud outside caused the two to separate, snapping them up from their trance.

Wanting to tease the girl in his hands, Kirito stood up and carried her bridal style. The sudden action caused Sinon to shriek in shock. Kirito grinned at her as he placed her on his bed, taking the spot beside it afterwards.

“So are you really gonna stay here for the summer?” He asked again.

Sinon sighed, then she took a magazine that was underneath her and smacked him at the back of his head.

“Kazuto Kirigaya,” she said sternly, which caused Kirito to flinch, “For the third time, yes I’m gonna stay here for the summer. More specifically, we’ll be roommates so you better get used to it and-“

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