Chapter 3 | Confused? Run.

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"Hey Nico"He looked at me. "Why do you think they blocked me out?"

He shook his head and shrugged his shoulders "I don't know"he said. "It's not like them actually to block you out."

I nodded, "Yeah not like them at all." I said.

"Okay so where were you for the past month? Maybe that'll help, did you say you were going away?"

I shook my head, "No, Athena said she would."


"Yep I-uhhhh went on a quest for her."

He looked lost, "A quest? What quest?"

"Well not actually a quest but she needed me to train with Aether for a month and if at the end of the month I get to defeat Aether I would *clears throat* get her-uhm b-blessing."

He smiled knowingly, "Oh"

"Did it help?"I asked.

"No"then he laughed. I laughed along.

We're now technically walking towards my cabin since Nico did the chant something Annabeth also did when she let Tyson through the barrier, 4 years ago.

The campers are suprisingly not seen anywhere.

We stopped when we were in front of my cabin. I opened the door and I saw the inside is ruined.

"Wha....."I said.

"Oh Gods"Nico muttered.

It looked like what my house looked like when we were living with smelly gabe but much more messier since my mom was there trying to fix stuff.

My minotour horn was on the floor. My pictures frames were broken. There's soda bottles on the floor and clothes were piled up and it smells funny.

"It looks a lot worse than when you're living here."Nico said.

I ignored his comment. Who would do this? Is someone using my cabin when I was away? But Chiron won't let that happen. I guess i'll find out later. But for the mean time.......

I sighed. "I guess I have to clean things up."


Nico POV

I walked around Camp Half-Blood, observing.

The minute Percy was blocked by the barrier, I knew something was wrong. Of course Percy being a Kelp Head didn't realize what was absurd.

I left Percy in his cabin after saying 'Good luck', well he needed it. I hope Tyche grants him that. Though I didn't get why would anyone do that.

Anyway, back to present. I went to the Hades Cabin and opened it. It's preety much what it was before. Good thing because I don't want to start cleaning anytime soon. It's isolated because Hazel is in Camp Jupiter same as Frank,Jason and Piper but they were already coming over tomorrow. Leo came back with Calypso and I don't know if they're here since I just also came back but on Hazel's case, I know about them because I was at Camp Jupiter last week.

Since I just wanted to check my cabin I went out again. But I was shocked when I heard a scream.And it came from Cabin 3. Oddly, it's not from Percy. I ran towards it and I was suprised to see so many campers there.

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