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BirdShit: Welcome.

What is the meaning of this?

Sea Bass 🐠: Anthony, what are you doing?

Queen Scar🕷👑: Isn't it obvious?

Are you all in on this?

Best Friend👯: Aug, I love you, but you and Sebastian are so oblivious.

Oblivious to what??

CHRIStmas🌲: Oblivious to your love for each other.

Sea Bass🐠: Guys, we're just friends. There are no romantic feelings.

Birdshit: Keep telling yourselves that.


Birdshit: Augustian.

Anthony stop.

Birdshit: Augustian!

Sea Bass🐠: 😂

Ok, cool. I have enough rumors spread about me why not add one more.

Sea Bass🐠: He's only joking around its fine.

Best Friend👯: I give it a few months. Before you two are falling all over each other #AugustianOTP

Queen Scar🕷👑: You two would make cute babies... Just saying! 😉

Babies?! Really?!

CHRIStmas🌲: Yes beautiful Augustian babies.

I'm pretty sure, you all have lost it.😂

BirdShit: Baby we were born this way🎶


Author's Note- Oh Anthony...

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