Chapter 16

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"Okay you can open your eyes in 3, 2, 1"

It was a park near a river. There was open space for people to hang around.

While they were walking around Wendy kept talking while Suga was just looking at her. He was thinking of how beautiful Wendy was but he couldn't be with her.

As much as he wanted to, it would just be to hard for Wendy.

Wendy stops him from walking more and grabs his arm. She pulls him while running to the beach.

"If we sit here we should get a good view of the sunset."

So they both sat down on the sand and waited for it. They both started talking and getting closer. He didn't want to make a move on her but he wanted to so badly.

The sunset was beautiful, the sun was shining on Wendy's face and made her glow even more.

The wind against her hair, but Suga couldn't but help notice her neck.

"Let's go somewhere else." He said while getting up quickly.


They went to a restaurant and started eating. It took a while for the food to arrive so it was a bit awkward. Until one of Suga's friend arrived.

"Namjoon? What up?"

"I was just going to order some dinner, but who's the chick"

"Just a friend, but do you wanna join us?"

"If it's okay with you guys"

They both look at Wendy, she just agreed.

Namjoon and Suga were talking and they noticed Wendy feeling left out.

"Wendy you know Namjoon can speak English"

"really? I can speak English too"

She says in English, then Namjoon and Wendy just start speaking English leaving Suga confused.

They started laughing and smiling which made Suga jealous.

"I have to go now, so Wendy do you want me to drop you off?"


In the end he just dropped Wendy home. He
couldn't hold himself so he had to leave.

"I'm sorry for today I'll take you somewhere on Saturday."

He felt sorry saying that but now he needed a place to take Wendy.

"It's alright and okay byee"

Suga was thinking of where to take Wendy, somewhere crowded so Wendy wouldn't distract him.

He searches places up and found a place!

"Alright i'll take her there."

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