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augsum: My shades for blocking out the haters😎

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augsum: My shades for blocking out the haters😎


username1: Ahhh she always looks so perfect 😍

username2: Ignore E!Shit, they don't know what they're talking about.

chrisevans: I want my sunglasses back you thief !1!1!

username3: E!News is right, I have more talent in my pinky than she'll ever have. I don't know why they let her character come back for Civil War, guess I won't be seeing that movie.

username2: lol, why are you here then? Fine don't go see Civil War, but you'll just be mad when everyone is talking about how amazing she was later. @username3

theanthonymackie: ^^^^

chrisevans: ^^^

imsebastianstan: ^^^^^^

augsome: @chrisevans why? You didn't wike them. 😏 And ignore them, I have my sunshades for a reason.

chrisevans: touché...

imsebastianstan: Aug don't worry you're awesome...or should I say augsome.😎

elizolsen: photos creds bihh

augsome: corny as hell @imsebastianstan

augsome: sorry bby I'll put it now @elizolsen

imsebastianstan: yea but you love my corny jokes 😌

theanthonymackie: i ship it @augsome @imsebastianstan otp

Augsome: @theanthonymackie shh don't spread rumors 1!1!1!

robertdowneyjr:  @theanthonymackie I call captain of this ship!

chrisevans: excuse me, I am the only Captain here thank you. @robertdowneyjr

augsome: there is no ship to captain here @chrisevans @theanthonymackie @robertdowneyjr


Author's Note- let me know what you think, I decided to try this type of Fanfiction out since it's pretty popular.💖

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