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75 - Mistletoe 1/2 (Super Cute)

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Imagine Justin is your best friend, you've only had a crush on him since a very long time. It's Christmas day and your friends asked you if you wanted to go to a 'Christmas Place' with them.

"So are you in?," Ryan asks trough the telephone. You sigh.
"Justin is also coming, so come," He says.

"Okey, I will be there around 8," You say.

"Yes! See you tonight, loveyou," Ryan says. You also say goodbye and then you end the conversation.

You really like to spend Christmas with your friends, so that's why you said yes. You dress up a little and put on some makeup before you leave.

When you arrive at the so called 'Christmas Boulevard' most of your friends are already there. Ryan notice you and starts waving at you, and so does Justin.

"You are here!," Ryan shouts and runs towards you to hug you.

"Hey Ry," You say laughing.

"Justin, your girlfriend is here," Ryan says smirking. You look at Ryan and blush, like you always do when Ryan says something like that.

You always pretend like you don't care, or that you don't want to be his girlfriend, but you actually like it. Justin is your crush so it's good that other people think you and your crush would be a great couple, isn't it?

Justin just shakes his head and walks towards you.

"Hey," He whispers in your ear while he wraps his arms around your neck. His hot breath on your cold skin makes you shiver.

"Hey," You say back. Justin looks at you and smiles. Then he frowns, and starts laughing.

"What?," You say a bit insecure, why is he laughing at you?

"Nothing, you just have some snow in your hair but it actually looks really cute," Justin says smiling. You just smile and look at the ground.

"Ohh Justin, you are amazing, you are so cute," Ryan says in a high pitch. You turn around and see everybody laughing. You look back at Justin, who is just shaking his head and laughing, and then you look back at Ryan. You give him a dead glance, but Ryan starts laughing.

"I didn't say that, and I don't talk like that," You say while you cross your arms and pout.

"But it is what you thought," Ryan says while he wiggles with one of his eyebrows. You cross your arms and just pouts. All of your friends just start laughing.

"Let's go ice-skating!," One of your friends says. Everybody agrees and they all walk away. You follow them, and suddenly you feel someone who wraps his arm around your shoulder.

You look at your right and see this gorgeous smile and two hazel brown eyes. You smile and you both follow the rest of the group....


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