Absolutely Wonderful

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Bryce's POV

I reluctantly come out of the bathroom. I am getting quite a few stares from the guys in there. The things I do for hot girls. She smiles, "you look absolutely wonderful." Her wink closes the deal, "are you sure you don't like me Phoebe?" Her face twists. Looking quite amused. "I never said I didn't like you, I said I wouldn't date you. But I have to say. I am a sucker for a boy in red." I go red remembering the fact that I am wearing a dress. She holds my hand when we start walking. I get why. These heels are impossible to walk in. How do girls do this all the time. "These damn shoes hurt like a bitch, can't I just wear tennis." I tried convincing her with my smile. "Hell nah Hall. We got this far we are going all the way." Can you guess what my fucked up mind thought of? She immediately catches herself. "On a scale of one to ten your fucked up mind is at about 69." My facial expression gives away way too much.

After awhile I get the hang of this whole high heel thing. But Phoebe doesn't let go, much to my elation. "Picture time." She grabs my phone from my pack pocket, grazing my ass. After fixing her hair, which she doesn't need to do, we pose for a few pictures and put them on my insta and snapchat. "This kiss and date better be worth it." She wraps one arm around me and she rubs her other hand on my chest. "I'll make it worth your while Hall." I nearly shiver in delight at her teasing motions.

We continue walking around the mall. All I can see is a ton of flashing as people photograph me. Once the guys see it I will never hear the end. I check on my instagram. On the picture of the both us I see many comments like this:

If your going to date someone can they at least be ugly so I have a chance?

I ship it #BEBE 😇

NO NO #BRYBE, it's pronounced bribe!!!!!!!😘☺️😫❤️🤑🤗

You are wrong it's #Pryce✌🏻

Hotties 😉 daddy got a gf 😫😏

I giggle. I look over at Phoebe and she is on her phone and looking at the comments on our picture. I can see her smile and pink cheeks through her hair. She is absolutely adorable...I mean hot. Very hot, not adorable, I'm not a softie. Yeah, hot.

Although I do like spending time with Phoebe, this dress is too short and these heels too long. I groan, "when can I take this off?" She rolled her eyes, she seems to do that a lot. "Man up we only have ten more minutes." We stroll around a little bit longer, her hand still clasped with mine. I am embarrassed that she is seeing me in this dress. I could care less about other peoples thoughts, but I have known this girl for a couple hours and she has already seen more of me than most people have. I try shrugging it off as we get back to the bathrooms. I try to lean in for a kiss, but she turns away! HeLl NaH. She smirks at my 'bitch don't even' look."After you change, our first kiss is not going to consist of you in a dress."I swallow the blush creeping up my neck. I can't help myself saying this though, "you said first. As in there will be more?" It's her turn to swallow a blush. "Just change you stupid fuck," she says while suppressing a smile. I change quickly struggling with the straps. I finally finish and step out of the bathroom.

I am immediately pressed against the  wall and I feel Phoebe's lips crash against mine. She has her hands in my hair, playing with it. While I run my fingers up and down her back. I gently bite her lip, and her mouth pops open in surprise and I slide my tongue into her mouth. Running our tongues together in sync I feel my whole body tingle. "That's what my boy Bryce gets." She whispers in my ear lightly. A soft smile on her lips.

It was definitely worth it. That smile was incredible.

We walk out of the mall holding hands. She gave me her number so we will talk later...I hope. The kiss we had might have been just a 'I made you walk around the mall in a dress' kiss. Not a real one, for her. For me it was real. I don't know. I head home.

When I get home the house is empty. So I decide to shower. And after that kiss it feels like I got the magic in me. So I play a classic, 'magic.' I scream my lungs out.
"Magic, magic, magic
(Voice screeched) M M M Magic, magic, magic
(Voice scratches) M M M Magic, magic, magic
Ah ooooooo
I got the magic in me!!!

Phoebe seems to come up quite a bit during the shower...

I step out of the shower and throw some clothes on. I walk into my room and Jacob, Mark, and Zach are all sitting on my bed with their chins resting on their hands.
"Nice Voice." Jacob says.
"Nice Dress." Mark smiles innocently.
"Nice Girl." Zach smirks.
Oh no, they found me.

They relentlessly jeer at my dress wearing. Over and over again. I don't know if it will ever stop, finally I shout at them. "Will you dumbasses just listen to my reasoning?" They shut up but they bust out laughing. I can't take them sometimes. After they settle down I explain to them. I tell them all about Phoebe. All about our 'date,' and our deal. They can't stop laughing. "Dude, you have been played. There is no way she gave you her real number." Zach tries to stop laughing but fails and bursts out in giggles. "Let's see then." I try to sound confident because I am Bryce smooth fucker Hall. I don't get sinking feelings in my stomach when a girl rejects me.

I take my phone out and call Phoebe. After a few rings she answers.
P Who dis be?
B It's ya boi Bryce
P What's up ma boi
B Hey Phoebe. I was just wondering when you were free for our date?

I can't even handle Jacob, Mark, and Zach's faces right now.

P I don't have much going on. But I can't on Wednesday.
B Okay, so does Friday sound good?
P Yep, all cool. I have to go right now, I'll call you later.
B K, bye.
P bye

She hung and I just looked at the three of them feeling triumphant. After them arguing in denial Jacob suggested we go to McDonald's. I felt lazy so Zach drove us. We got there and ordered our food. After grabbing it we went over to a table and started shoveling our faces. But we all stop when we hear my name.

I look over to another table and see Phoebe with her feet on the table eating french fries by the bunches. Next to her is a girl with shoulder length dirty blonde hair and her legs stretched onto the table.
"You actually kissed ya boi Bryce today?"
"Yeah, but you know I don't date fuck Bois."
"Why do you think Bryce is a fuck boi? He seems fine."
"We had known eachother for an hour and when we kissed he made it like we were like going to fuck in the future. Also if you met him you would think he was one too."
That kind of stung.
"But how was the kiss? It's Bryce were talking about."
I couldn't help but smirk at this.
"The kiss was absolutely fabulous. But I am still not going to date him."
At least we were on the same page regarding the kiss.
"You are going on a date with him ma boi. Sounds like date to me."
She rolled her eyes. I sprung out of my seat and kissed her on the cheek, "sounds like date to me too."

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