Kenna and Kells

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Background: Kenna and Kells have been married for one year. The crew is currently on tour in the US

*Kenna's POV*
I wake up and roll over to Kells. I snuggle into his chest.

"Hey baby" I hear him mumble.

"Hiya" I giggle and kiss his collarbone.

"Mmmm" He mumbles, wanting more. He pulls me on top of him.

"It's too early Kells, plus you have a show tonight" I giggle.

"Then stop turning me on babe." He groans.

I go to kiss him and we hear a knock at our hotel room door.

He curses under his breath and I jump off him. I hurry and throw on one of Kells shirts that goes down past my knees.

I open the door a little bit and see Ace standing there.

"Hey wanna go to breakf...... Oh I see what's going on. You two got it on last night" Ace laughs and looks in at Kells. Who was still laying in bed with only a sheet to cover himself up.

"Shut up. We'll be ready in 10." Kells yells from bed and throws a pillow at the door.

I giggle and shut the door. Kells opens his arms, waiting for me.

"Nope" I say popping the p and shut the bathroom door to get ready.

I throw on some black shorts, a blue tank, and makeup. I tie my hair back into a messy pony tail. While I was getting ready I smiled, Kells was perfect. When I walk out Kells was surprisingly all ready. He wore an est. tank with jeans.

He winks at me and we walk hand in hand to Ace's hotel room. The boys all file out of the door.

"Let's go baby k" Slim laughs and hugs me. We all walk out together. After breakfast we all head back.

I stayed in the apartment while the boys went to a rehearsal performance.

((A.N. Wow, yep second book is starting like this. Anyway ok so for the baby do you want a girl or boy? What do you want to happen in this book?
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