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is anyone even reading this because my writing legitimately sucks and i wouldn't blame you if you thought so.

anyways i was feeling in a writing mood so here you go guys :)

chapter eight; bars and clubs

Luke sat in a booth, the dim lighting and loud music making him feel a bit dizzy. Large amounts of people jumped on the dance floor, drinking and getting drunk, walking around aimlessly. Usually, he was one of those people in the crowd, a beer in his hand and sex on his mind, hammered to the max. Tonight, however, he sat slumped and he hadn't touched his beer once. It was warm and flat by now, but he didn't care. He was people watching since he had nothing else to do and all he wanted was to go home.

Calum sat across from him, only on his second shot of whatever the hell the waitress offered him, confused at how Luke hadn't gotten up once or even attempted to flirt with anyone. He knew his friend well, but now he wasn't so sure. Something was up with him if he didn't feel in the mood to party.

He watched as Luke was approached by a girl, a pretty one who had blue hair, and half expected his friend to get up and start dancing with her. Luke did the exact opposite; he redirected her toward Ashton, who was sitting alone by the bar ordering, and dismissed her while she left. Now Calum knew that something was seriously wrong. Luke loved a good fuck because it was simple and mostly meaningless, and he wouldn't turn away someone who was obviously making advances towards him.

The three of them went out to lighten up their lately rocky friendship, just to have a good time, but it seems that so far it wasn't working.

"What's up with you?" He asked the blonde boy who merely shrugged.

"What do you mean? I'm fine," Luke said, sitting up and leaning on the table instead.

"You haven't touched your beer once and that girl was obviously flirting with you and you sent her to Ashton. Come on, bro. Where's your mind right now?" Calum pointed out, making Luke sigh. "The three of us went out for a guys' night because we haven't had one in a while and you said how bored you were the other day all alone at the house."

"I didn't mean the club," Luke muttered, arms crossed while he gazed around. Something else was on his mind. Or rather, someone.

"You love the club!" Calum protested, not putting the pieces together. "We took you out so we could have fun, man. My girlfriend's gonna be pissed that we didn't see a movie together if she found out the night was wasted."

"No she's not, Becca is still your best friend. You'll make out with her and she'll forgive you and you'll talk about stupid stuff like having babies." Luke was tired and he just wanted to go home, if that wasn't obvious. He didn't know half of what he was saying, especially if it was drowned out by all the music.

"Dude, you haven't taken a single sip of your beer, but I'm pretty sure that you still somehow managed to get drunk," Calum chuckled, "What's up with you? Don't tell me that you wouldn't kill for the treatment Ashton is getting right now."

Luke turned his head and his eyes began to search the crowds for his curly haired friend. He saw Ashton with the blue haired girl from earlier, the two of them making out by the stage. He shrugged and turned back to Calum, "I'm just not feeling it tonight, mate."

That was true, he hadn't been feeling up for partying or clubbing lately, nor was he in the mood to hook up with other girls. It had been a couple days since the double date incident and it seemed like his personality had taken a turn. It was a good change, though. He actually started to pay attention to the bills and tried to pay some of them and instead of going out every night, he cleaned up around the house and went grocery shopping.

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