Part I

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It was a crisp December morning at Hogwarts. Snow had fallen overnight, leaving everything covered in a soft blanket of white. The trees had hoarfrost coating them, giving Hogwarts the impression it had just stepped out of a postcard.

Hermione Granger had gotten up early that morning as she always did. After putting on her fluffy red sweats and a yellow jumper, she grabbed her cloak and her favourite book, Hogwarts: A History, and left to go to a secluded alcove along the edge of the Black Lake. However, when she got there, it was already occupied.

"Mione! What are you doing h- Oh, reading, I see," Harry said with a slight chuckle as he noticed the book. "You've read that how many times now?"

"Thirty-six, going on thirty-seven. Why are you here anyways? I thought you slept in on the holidays," Hermione said much more sharply than intended. She loved her friend and all, but that was just the problem. Ever since the flight on Buckbeak three years ago, something changed. The way he always did what he believed was right and the never ending loyalty he possessed put butterflies in her stomach. She went here to clear her head a bit, but it wasn't going to work too well if he was here with her.

"I-um...I-" Harry stuttered, blushing a bit. "This," he finally choked out gesturing to an old camera in his hand. Hermione looked at him, confused.

"It was in my mum's old trunk. It belonged to her. I... I thought there might be a picture of them in it."

"That makes sense."

"There's something else too," Harry blurted out. "When I die- and don't give me that look, because I'm going to, whether it be sooner or later- I want some proof that Harry Potter lived. All of he pictures in the paper are of 'The Chosen One' or 'The-Boy-Who-Lived' or 'Harry the Hogwarts Champion' or, well you get the idea. I want something to prove that Harry, just Harry lived. I know it's stupid, I just- it's- I don't know! Sorry. Here I am, blabbering on and on while you probably want to read."

"It's alright, Harry. It's actually nice hearing someone else babble instead of me. Besides, the whole idea is really sweet. Do you know how to work it yet? It looks like it needs to be set manually," Hermione was getting butterflies in her stomach. That was another thing she adored, the love he showed for his family even though he knew so little about them. Anything he had of his parents things he treasured, even if it was something as mundane as the watch he found in his vault over the summer.

Maybe that's why he too, Sirius' death so hard, Hermione thought, he was part of his dad's past as well as the last of his family that cared about him. She felt a sudden pang of pity for her friend.

"Does it?" Harry asked, bewildered, kicking Hermione out of her thoughts. "I really don't know anything about photography. Do you think you could help me?" Harry confessed.

"Yeah, sure," she smiled, "First, you are going to need to take the lens cap off."

"That would make sense and explain why my first picture will turn out completely black."

Hermione let out a giggle. "Second, twist the knobs until the picture is clear." She waited for a bit while Harry did as she said.

"Okay, now what?" He looked up eagerly.

"Take a picture."

FLASH! Harry had the camera lens facing his face, up close.

"I can't see! I can't see!" Harry laughed.

"You do know you're not supposed to have the lens facing yourself, right?" Hermione asked amused.

"I was trying to take a selfie like Dudley did before he broke his iPhone," Harry said embarrassed. "Clearly, I did it wrong."

"Can you see yet?"


"Well that's good. Try a picture of the lake this time. And please, please, please, no more selfies. I don't fancy a trip to the hospital wing to explain why you are blind."

They continued on for a while, sometimes putting Hermione in the shot, posing. They got a picture of Hagrid, Fang and Hermione in a portrait, which they hoped would turn out well. If it did, Harry said he would definitely give it to their big-boned friend. After about an hour, they went back to the alcove.

"That was fun, thanks 'Mione, but we kinda need to head back to the castle. I'm frozen and almost out of film."

"Alright, that sounds lovely. I need to do that essay for Professor Binns anyways." Hermione grabbed her book and cloak and started to head back to the castle with her friend in silence. Suddenly, Harry broke the lull in conversation.

"You know, I bet Ron is stuffing his face right now, thinking that I'm still sleeping and you're at the library."

"It's rather unfortunate, but I think you're right," Hermione started to laugh.


"Hey, I wasn't ready!" Hermione exclaimed.

"Sorry, I didn't think you'd mind. It was just a spur of the moment thing. If it doesn't turn out I'll toss it, fair enough?" Harry looked really embarrassed.

"Yeah, that sounds alright," Hermione said. A pregnant pause in conversation occurred, then,

"Harry... I'm cold."

"Here, take my cloak," he said as he started to shrug his off.

"No, I coul-"

"Take it, I'm warm anyways."

"Thanks," she responded, taking the cloak hesitantly. Hermione tried to put it on, but struggles to find the sleeve hole.

"Here, let me help," Harry said, assisting his friend.

"So, what were you planning on doing to today?" Hermione asked.

"I'm going to talk to Colin and see if he'll develop the photos for me. What about you?"

"Library," Hermione shrugged. I've a couple essays I want to get done and if I have time I'll do some light reading."

"That sounds nice."


"Say... Hermione, would you like to come with me to Hogsmeade?"

"Course, Harry! We always go together, you, me and Ron, remember?" Hermione said, confused.

"I actually meant as- err -a date?" Harry said sheepishly. "I totally get if you don't want to," he added when he noticed Hermione's shocked expression, "It's your choice."

"Harry, I'd love to. That sounds lovely."

"Does it? If you don't want to, I don't want you to feel like I'm forcing you into this. I mean- that's great! What am I doing, you said you'd go and then I'm talking you out of it. I'm sorry I don't do this often." Harry was the same shade as a tomato. Hermione just smiled, and walked with her friend to the Great Hall.

A/N: Hey all! So this was a long chapter! I wrote the majority of this 2 years ago, so if it was really different from my last story, Purple Penguin Pyjamas, that's why. So, what'd you think? Let me know, and don't be afraid to comment, vote, and all that good stuff! I just want to warn you that the next part(s) will be much shorter. I think this was originally meant to be a oneshot, but it is running really long, so I'm going to make it a multi-chapter fic. Also, I am currently camping with my family, so I don't have easy access to wifi, so I won't be able to update very much until I get back.

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