Chapter Thirty Three

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#334 in Teen Fiction. Not much of a leap, but I'm still happy! I really want to break the top 100 ;)

Looping my arm through Alyse's, we walk towards Toby's jeep and laugh about something stupid he's just said. This is one of those rare moments where she isn't attached to his side or sucking face with him, so I'm sure to take advantage of it.

"I actually don't have any homework tonight." I breathe happily, "For like the first time in months."

"Good, that means you can watch The Visit with us." Toby says, swinging his keys around his finger. "I bought it last night but you two had too much homework."

I cringe at the thought. I don't mind watching a horror movie, I can handle them, but I don't necessarily want to be in a dark room with these two horn dogs.

"Yeah actually I just remembered a huge calculus test I have coming up..." I trail off unconvincingly.

Toby stops and turns to me. "Raine. I'm in your calculus class, we don't have a test."

I mentally facepalm. Out of eight classes, I choose the one class I have with him. "I meant chem-" My lie gets cut short when arms wrap around me and warm breath cascades down my neck.

"It isn't nice to lie, Sunshine." West says, his husky right voice next to my ear.

My racing heart calms down at his voice and I turn in his arms. "Dating you has brought that side out in me." I poke fun.

He smirks, "I'm slowly turning you into a delinquent."

"Or am I slowly taking you away from that reputation?"

"I think you realize it was never true." He says, giving me a crooked smile.

I smile gently back and stand on my toes to kiss him. His lips are soft against my own and I feel my heart melt with warmth. Four months ago if someone was to tell me I was going to date West Love, I would have died of laughter and slight fear, but now it feels nothing less of natural. Throughout our friendship I got glimpses into his heart and I was able to see the person he truly is, and now I'm dating the most amazing guy ever; and the hottest guy ever.

Yeah, my boyfriend's hotter than yours.

"Don't forget about dinner tonight." He reminds me when we pull apart.

I nod, "How could I forget? I get to see Casper again."

He tilts his head, "Don't tell me that's the only reason you want to go?"

I purse my lips and pretend to think of another reason, but I shake my head as I come up short. "No, I can't think of any other."

He scowls at me, and then I perk up. "Oh! And I can't wait to see Libba too." I add, biting back a smile at how his scowl deepens, but somehow he's still the hottest guy I've ever met.

"I hate you." He mutters.

I smirk and lift my head to brush my lips against his, making his scowl twitch upwards and his eyes to trail down to my lips. "I beg to differ," I say lowly, "I think you quite like me."

He smirks and his eyes lift to meet my own, and I have to remind myself to breathe. This boy...

"You're right." He says, connecting our lips.

I press closer to him as our lips move together, and he moves his hand from the strap of his backpack to rest on my hip and hold my body close to his. But before we can get too heated, I take notice to my brother standing just feet away and I pull apart. West grumbles as I do and tries to pull me back in, but I nod over to my brother.

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