"I'm thinking that you're trying to anticipate each move I make and it's not working.  That you're wondering why I haven't undressed you, or more to the point, why I haven't fucked you yet.  Am I close Mia?" 

"Yes." she breathed and cried in shock as I spanked her again.

"Let me explain it to you baby."  I said as I moved back and kissed the new handprint, before moving back away from her, a little whimper leaving her lips at the loss of contact.

"You're going to tell me what you want Mia.  You're going to tell me where to touch you, when to touch you, if you want me to kiss you or fuck you.  But the thing is Mia, you can't move from the position you're in.  You can't undress, you can't look back, you can only instruct."  I whispered as I licked her slit. 

"Are you ready?"  I licked her again before pulling back away.

She was silent for a few moments and I heard her draw in a deep breath before she spoke.  I smiled as I heard her voice, her arousal was undeniable.

"I want you to run your hands up the inside of my thighs." 

She moaned as I touched her, lightly running my hands along her smooth skin causing her body to shudder. 

"Touch my pussy, rub your fingers along it, but don't insert them." 

I was doing everything she said, my movements slow and deliberate. 

"Bring your hand around and rub my clit." 

I was careful to only touch her in the way she wanted, no other part of us was touching. 

"Harder Jay, tweak my clit."  She was panting out her instructions. 

"Okay good, just like that babe.  Now, push your fingers inside me.  Four fingers Jay." 

She dropped her head and moaned loudly as I did what she asked. 

"Pump them...."  Her voice was barely audible as she pushed back to meet my fingers.

"Harder Jay....faster."  She cried out and I could feel her tightening around me. "Replace them with your cock Jay, grab my hips and fuck me hard." 

I growled as I slid inside her, her muscles clenching around me as I pounded into her. 

"Fuck yes babe."  She screamed and I fucked her like she wanted it. Hard and fast.

"That was incredibly sexy." I panted as I withdrew and watched our juices run down her thighs. "To hear you telling me how to touch you and how to fuck you, was just as exciting as when I slide into your cunt in my own way."

I heard her softly moan and gently ran my fingertip down her spine. She was still on her hands and knees, still dressed but exposed, still waiting.

"You're so fucking sexy Mia." I whispered as I again moved in behind her. I reached down and flicked the waistband of her panties against the back of her knee and when she moaned, I did it again.

"I like you like this baby." I murmured. "You kinda look dirty and naughty and so fucking hot." I unzipped her skirt then gently held her and raised her so her back was against my chest. I rubbed her arms to give her some relief before lifting them and pulling them back so they could wrap around my neck.

"And like this," I whispered as my lips brushed her neck. "I can touch you however and wherever I want."

I felt her fingers grab my hair as I brushed my hand over her hard nipples before lowering it down her belly and resting it on her bare mound, my finger ever so slightly grazing her clit.

"Naughty. Sexy. Hot. Fucking perfect." I muttered as my free hand twisted her nipple and my tongue ran from below her ear along her collarbone, my finger now circling her clit, drawing moans from her perfect little mouth.

"I want to hear you Mia." I said as I rubbed her harder. "Don't hold back baby, let me hear what comes out of that sexy little mouth of yours."

Her moans grew louder as I carefully pleasured her body. Her grip on my hair tightened and she arched her back as her orgasm built.

"Let me hear you Mia." I whispered before suckling her neck, leaving a mark where everyone would see it, intending on leaving them all over her body. I inserted a 4th finger and pumped them hard and fast as she became more vocal.

"Good girl." I encouraged as I felt her pussy squeezing around my fingers. And then she did what I love the most, she screamed my name while she rewarded me with her creamy cum coating my fingers.

She rested her weight against me as she tried catching her breath. Her body against mine felt so right and now I needed to feel it skin on skin.

I wrapped my arms around her and rubbed my thumbs over her sensitive nipples before reaching for her singlet and pulling it over her head, then reached between us and unhooked her bra, groaning as I watched her heavy breasts fall free. She placed her arms back around my neck as I gripped her breasts in my hands.

"These tits are perfect Mia. As perfect as the rest of you, I hate when you hide them from me."

For the first time since we'd arrived, I turned her to face me. The look on her face caused a low, deep growl to escape me. Her face was flushed, her neck and chest flushed, her eyes glassy and her perfect lips open as she panted through them.

She looked so fucking beautiful. I lowered my eyes to her puckered nipples, then down to her cum soaked thighs, before resting them on the blood red panties that rested around her knees.

"Stay right there." My voice was deep and strained and she just nodded. I reached for my phone and took pic after pic from all different angles before wrapping my hand in her hair and pulling her mouth against mine and lowering her onto her back. I entered her easily and as I looked into her eyes I slowly made love to her.

As she clawed at my back and screamed out my name, I whispered that she was enough. She would always be enough.

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