21. Enough

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I followed her inside, noticing instantly how much better the house felt with her in it.

I put the bags down by the door and strode towards her purposely, her eyes widening in surprise.

"I do believe someone was naughty on the plane." I said quietly, the depth of my voice surprising us both.

"I...I..." She stuttered as I reached for her.

She gasped in shock as I quickly sat and pulled her over my knee, my hand rubbing over her ass.

"Jay." She giggled as she wriggled to get up.

I rubbed her slit through her panties and her giggles turned to moans, her legs parting slightly.

I raised her skirt so it sat over her back and pulled her panties down to her knees, groaning as I did so. 

"Fuck babe, you have no idea what seeing you like this is doing to me."  I admitted as I ran my hand over her smooth skin.

"Jay, what are...."

"Ssshhhh baby." I soothed as I ran my fingers along her bare slit, drawing out a moan from her. "Are you ready?" I asked as I slipped a finger inside her.


"Were you naughty on the plane Mia?" I asked as I slipped another finger inside her.

"Jay, I...."

"Were you naughty?" I repeated as I curled my fingers against the spot that made her body shudder.

"Yes Jay, I was naughty." Her voice was so sexy it caused my dick to twitch.

"Say it again."

"I was a naughty girl Jay. A really naughty girl."

I moved my fingers inside her slowly as I listened to her quick, shallow breaths.


"Yes baby?"

"I think you should spank me."

"I think so too."

My dick was painfully hard as I brought my hand down on her sexy ass, hearing her cry out and watching the red hand print form as if in slow motion. I spanked her other cheek and she cried out again.

"Are you okay?" I asked as I kissed each handprint, my fingers rubbing along her dripping pussy.

"I'm sorry for being naughty." She whispered, her voice deep and husky. 

In a voice similar to hers, I responded.  "We're not done yet baby girl, I still need to teach you that you are definitely enough for me." 

She moaned as I slipped my fingers back inside her, quickly removing them as I felt her orgasm building.

I shifted her further up the couch and positioned her on her hands and knees, her breath quickening as she heard me undressing.  Moving in behind her, I ran my hands up the outside of her thighs, up over her hips where I hooked my fingers into her singlet, then along her sides, revealing her flawless skin.

I pressed my cock against her pussy as I reached around and pulled at the cups of her bra until her breasts fell free.  I wanted her exposed but I didn't want her naked.  Not yet.  I hadn't seen her face since I'd laid her across my lap, but I could tell by her breathing and her pussy that she was excited.

"I'm thinking that my beautiful Mia fantasises about being controlled."  I whispered as I cupped her breasts.  "That the thought of me doing whatever I want with you, is what's making your cunt so wet."  I tweaked her nipples as I pushed my cock against her. 

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