What you do on a rainy day

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^^^ Ricky's cat, Dexter 🐈😂🐱

Sit on a porch with tea or coffee and just enjoy each other's company, while watching the rain.

• Ricky:
You guys cuddle up, read books, play with Dexter (his cat), and just spend the day wrapped in each other's arms.

• Devin:
You guys go into the kitchen and bake. He "helps" by being the taste tester and eventually before you know it, a food fight breaks out.

• Ryan:
You guys put on music and dance like crazy. Laughing and kissing and twirling the day away.

• Josh:
You guys cuddle up and watch movies and play video games. Just basking in each other company.

• Vinny:
You and him play in the rain. Twirling, dancing, falling on your bum. Just being with each other.

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