|Chapitre Un|

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OPHELIA sighed as she looked at the little droplets of rain on the window glass. She hated the rain. It reminded her of dreary days at Beauxbatons where it was too wet to play Quidditch or badminton.

It also didn't add to her high spirits. Ophelia was feeling down, she wasn't prepared to start a new school. She loved her old school. It was perfect for her, she was a model student, put up a year, Captain of the Quidditch and badminton team. She had many friends, even a boyfriend.

But she had to give that all up just because of her supposed mother - a woman who'd she'd never met in her life - decided to send her off to Scotland. It was lucky that Ophelia spoke perfect English, or this transaction would be a thousand times harder.

Ophelia Pierre was now a young woman of fifteen. She would have been taking her O.W.L.S. this year in Beauxbatons, in her sixth year. It wouldn't make much difference seeing as she would take them this year in Hogwarts. She wouldn't be out up a year because the deputy headmaster thought it would be wiser to keep her in her determined year.

Ophelia didn't really care if she repeated a year of learning. Everything fascinated her about magic, it didn't matter if she learnt the same thing over and over again, it never bored her.

But there was something strange about her, she just seemed to excel in magic. She could perform extremely hard spells without blinking an eye. She could even perform magic without a wand. It was actually easier for her to use her hands instead.

Madam Lesvasque had told her it was because her mother was extremely talented. But Ophelia didn't like to think that her talent had anything to do with the woman who abandoned her.

A soft meow brought Ophelia's thoughts back to reality. Ophelia's little feline friend stretched her soft paws before snuggling up in the girl's lap. "Nous y serons bientôt, mademoiselle." Ophelia murmured to her Chartreux cat as she stroked her soft fur.

The carriage door swung open and Mademoiselle clung her claws into Ophelia's thigh before jumping off and hiding under the nearest seat.

"You're bleeding."

Ophelia looked up towards the voice. An almost white-haired boy stood in the doorway, his grey eyes bore into hers. He pointed at her skirt that was stained with a few droplets of blood from Mademoiselle's sharp claws.

Ophelia waved her hand over the skirt, removing the blood and healing the scratches.

The blond-haired boy raised an eyebrow, impressed by her magic without a wand. He slowly shut the compartment door. "I haven't seen you around before."

"That's because I'm new to Hogwarts," Ophelia replied, her French accent was noticeable, although not as strong as some of her friends when they tried to speak in English. Beauxbatons offered language classes as well as etiquette and other magical classes such as Charms or Transfiguration so Ophelia was skilled in many languages. "I used to attend Beauxbatons."


Ophelia winced slightly at his bad pronunciation of her beloved school, but she didn't correct him as she was sure her English pronunciation wasn't always perfect.

"Do you want to sit down?" She asked politely, nodding at the seat opposite her.

The boy looked side to side before nodding. "Alright. I'm waiting for my friend but he'll have to wait." He took the seat opposite her. "I'm Malfoy. Abraxas Malfoy." He stretched out his hand for her to shake.

"Ophelia Pierre." She smiled at him as she gracefully accepting his handshake. "It's nice to meet you, Abraxas."

Abraxas just stared at the beauty in front of him before smiling back. He was amazed that this girl was talking to him, yet alone smiling at him.

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