Chapter 10

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What the hell is happening to me?

Why am I crying like this?

I wiped my eyes but they wouldn't stop. Am I PMS ing? Or is it because I got a chance finally to be alone and let my mind think over all the things that were buried inside me from a long time. The water works initiated as soon as Derek left. First I cried about Jake and then my thoughts drifted back to the attack.

I sat on a big rock that was present in the middle of the forest. The sky completely turned black and the wind was howling through the forest. I closed my eyes feeling the cold air on my face. The images of my Father and mother flashed in my mind. My father's kind eyes and my mother's loving smile pained my heart.

I hated myself so much this moment that I am not doing anything to avenge their death. It's almost a week since we reached here and we travelled very far from our kingdom. I think it is time that I find more about our attackers.

I still remembered that day we all decided to go for a hunt in to forest. All the teen wolfs were sent for training along with some older wolves. We went far away from the palace and may be that is the reason we were not able to sense the attack and also we were safe. Not a single person who stayed back in the palace survived.

Suddenly pain shot through my head. I closed my eyes tightly unable to bear the pain. My breathing became ragged and I gripped my head. I choked trying to stop the beating heart and my eyes burnt. As suddenly as it started it went away and I panted gasping for breath.

What the hell happened to me?

Slowly I jumped down the rock and started heading back. I closed the door behind me. Jake and Ethan were in the living room. Jake was pacing in the room looking tensed as soon he sensed my presence he started walking towards me and he hugged me tightly.

"Where were you? Why didn't you tell me? Are you alright? Why didn't you reply to me?" he asked the questions continuously without even stopping for breath. "I didn't reply you?" I asked frowning. When did he contact me? "I tried to speak with you through the mind link when I found you were not in the house. Where were you anyways?" he asked cupping my cheek.

"I just went out to take a walk and I couldn't keep track of time" I said leaning into his touch. He nodded and pecked my lips. My stomach grumbled and he chuckled. "Come on let's have dinner." He said and pulled me towards the kitchen.

"Where is Ethan?" I asked once we reached the kitchen.

"You forgot? Today he has to go to patrolling right? So he went directly to pack house along with Dan. He said and I nodded slowly. It really slipped my mind.

"When will he come back?"I asked wondering what they will have to do while this so called patrolling.

"I guess they are going to return by tomorrow morning. And do you remember that we are supposed to go tomorrow?" he asked and I nodded sheepishly.

After dinner we went to our rooms. I stared at the ceiling but couldn't sleep. I brought my legs to my chest and closed my eyes tightly hoping to get sleep. Then I heard the creaking of my bedroom and then my bed dipped. Two large hands wrapped around me and I pulled back into someone's chest. I turned to see Jake. He looked at me with those blue eyes and kissed my forehead. I snuggled into his chest and rested my face in to the crook of his neck.

I couldn't help but feel complete in his arms. He knew that I am troubled with something so he came here! How can I not trust this man who knows and loves me so much? I tightened my grip around him and kissed his neck. He shivered.

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