Baby time

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~two months later~
Today is November 12 and our baby girl can come any day now. It's 11 a.m. right now and Mia is in school. She loves school so much and I am happy that she likes it. Ezra also has a class but he will be here soon. Mia is so exited to be a big sister and Ezra and I are really happy about it. I regonize that I am really tired so I turn around and sleep while I wait for Ezra to get back home.

I wake up and feel something wet inbetween my legs. I sit up and regognize that my water just broke. I take out my phone and want to call Ezra when he walks thought the door. As soon as he sees the panic in my eyes he rushes to me and bends down infront of me.
"Aria? What's wrong?"
" water just broke."
"We need to get to the Hospital." I nod and Ezra grabs my bag and we drive to the Hospital together.
"What about Mia?"
"I'm calling Spencer and ask her if she can pick her up and watch her in the meantime." I nod and cry as my next contraction comes. This is faster processing than I want this. Around five minutes later we are at the hospital and Ezra parks his car and then we walk in together. While one of the Nurse helps me to get changed Ezra calls Spencer and tells her that I am in labour and that she needs to watch Mia. When he comes back into the room the Nurse just checked me and tells me that I am already to 7 cm dilated.
"Have you called her Ezra?"
"Yes. Don't worry. She and Toby will pick her up and I am calling her again as soon as this baby is born alright?" I nod and kiss him.

~two hours later~
It's 2 p.m. and I am in labour since two hours now. The Nurse is just checking me and then she smiles and looks at me.
"Well. Ready to have a Baby?"
"I am already dilated?"
"Yes. On your next contractions you push until I tell you to stop alright?" I nod and not even two minutes later my next contraction hits.
"Alright and push." When I push I am hit with lots of pain. I immediatly cry in pain but Ezra kisses my head.
"You can do this Ar." I cry and a few seconds later I start wimpering.
"Ezra please make it stop it hurts so bad." Ezra takes my hand and kisses it.
"Your almost there Ar." I sight in relieve when I hear the nurse tell me to stop pushing.
"Your almost there babe. I am really proud of you." Before I can say something the nurse smiles and looks at me.
"And again one, two, three." I cry and Ezra kisses my hand again.
"When we get our next baby you can have an epidural."
"Forget it mister. We are never having another child again." I hear Ezra chuckle and hit his arm carefully. The next thing I hear the cries of our baby girl. I collaps back into the bed and the nurse lay her carefully on my chest.
"Congratulations." Ezra thanks her while I have all of the attention on my newborn baby girl.
"You did it Ar." I smile and Ezra kisses me again. Now we are a family of four and I can't wait until Mia sees her little sister.

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