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"Come in" a voice said from the other side of the door. The mist shinobi pushed the door open and let team 7 in. "Leaf? Does that mean she found the key?!" the Mizukage ran up to Kakashi. Holding out her hand, he placed a scroll in her hand and she quickly opened it.

"Summon!" she said putting her blood on the scroll followed by her hand and a puff sound. "Bring me the box!" She ordered excitedly looking at the key. "If you don't mind me asking Lady Mizukage but what's the key for" Sakura asked.

"I'll show you" she gestured them over and they surrounded the box. She unlocked it and reached inside taking out an old rusted mirror. They stared at it blankly and then at the Mizukage.

"There's a legend, that this mirror chooses it's own master when touched. This mirror has powers beyond belief but it only works when in the hands of the chosen one" she wiped around so fast that the mirror slipped from her hand.

"Wow, there" Naruto caught Lady Mizukage before she could fall and the mirror in the other hand. "Thank- oh my!" she squealed like a little kid as the mirror began to shine. "What the hell is going on?!" Naruto yelled as he was blinded by the light.

The light disappeared with a flash, they looked at the mirror that was now clean and restored to it's former glory. "It's chosen you, young man what is your name?" the Mizukage asked. "Naruto Uzumaki" he answered.

"No wonder! An Uzumaki, I was sure your clan had perished but it seems one of you survived" she smiled. "Yeah" Naruto said looking down sadly. "The Uzumaki clan?" Sasuke asked. Kakashi nodded "The Uzumaki clan was famous for their sealing jutsus and they were crazy powerful" Kakashi answered.

'So he's the only one left.... Just like me' Sasuke looked away. "I don't have to keep this thing do I" Naruto said not really wanting to carry a mirror around. "Of course you do! You should be grateful young Uzumaki the mirror of legends has chosen you!" the Mizukage exclaimed.

"What dose it do anyway?" Sakura asked looking at it. "A lot of things, it's rumored to be able to show someone's deepest desires" Naruto grinned. "Mirror show me Sasuke's true desires!" Sasuke gulped as Naruto pointed at him with the mirror.

'I wanna laugh again, like when mom and dad were alive. I wanna see Itatchi.' Everyone was silent even Sasuke. He didn't even know that's what he wanted. "Tch, as if that mirror must be broken" Sasuke crossed his arms.

"Don't be so shy" Naruto elbowed him. "Show me Sakura's next!" Sakura wanted to see herself. 'I don't want to be left behind' said the Sakura in the mirror. "Awe Sakura, what are you talking about your stronger than me and Sasuke and that's saying something" Sakura punched him sending him flying.

"Did you just imply that i'm super muscular" Sakura yelled. "What no! I just meant....uh did you know your hair is looking especially pretty today!" Sakura stopped mid punch. "You noticed?! I've been using a new shampoo" she smiled shyly as she twirled her hair.

"Nice save" Kakashi whispered. "Alright next is you Kakashi sensei!" Kakashi looked into the mirror. 'I want to be with Obito, Rin, and Minato sensei one last time. Even if it's to say goodbye' they were all stunned their sensei wasn't always a deep person so it took them by surprise.

"Lady Mizukage's turn" Naruto said wanting to know what kind of things a kage wanted, maybe world peace or a huge alliance. 'I want to get married...' the room was so quiet a feather falling could be heard. "I guess that's understandable you are a women after all" Sakura said.

"This things cool" Naruto smiled. "What about you dobe it's only fair" Naruto froze. "I don't have any desires maybe one for ramen but nothing else!" Naruto laughed. "Oh no you don't! This is an order by yours truly" the Mizukage said.

"But i'm not from your village" Naruto said looking at her like she had 3 heads. She walked towards her desk and opened a drawer taking a Mist forehead protector out. She tied it around his neck "I hear by name you a mist Shinobi! For your first mission you will ask the mirror to show you your true desires" Naruto looked at Kakashi.

"You should do what your Kage asks, Mist shinobi" Naruto growled. "Mirror, show me my true desire..." Naruto didn't want to hear his desire.

'I want it to stop.... I'm just a kid... Please make it stop' sobs came from the mirror. A small boy that looked like Naruto was curled up crying. "Stop" Naruto ordered the mirror. "I'm heading out first, I'll meet you guys by the gates. Oh here" Naruto said handing her the protector.

She shook her head "You're always welcome here so keep it" she looked at him sadly. "Thank you" he gave a formal nod and left his team following shortly after asking questions. Naruto finally got so tired that he used the mirror to shut them up.

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