Chapter 12

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Aphmau POV

I start flying through the halls on my hover board, trying to look for Max who hasn't turned up back to the house. When I fly past the front door, I see its open so I fly outside to hear an explosion. It was very quiet to normal people but with my super hearing, I barely hear it so I fly into the direction of the explosion to see Max fighting some Gawkins and some squids. Boomy jumps out of my hood.

"When did you get in my hood?" Ross jumps out next in his squirrel form. He then turns into a human again.

"We jumped into your good before you left. Now let's stop talking and start fighting!" Ross gets out his daggers before running at the Gawkins with inhuman speed. The thing about Ross is that at one time, he could be happy and stupid but when he is fighting, you can hardly see him as he silently but swiftly kills his enemies. He was known as the stealth leader of our group.

"Hey Max! We came to help!" I shout before putting Boomy on the hover board to control and shoot the Gawkins.

"Well it's about time you idiots came to help!" He shouts, shooting a fire ball at one of the squids. Max is the hot headed one of the sky army. When you anger him, well I will just say one thing.

Run while you still can.

He has a very short temper and when his fuse is blown, he gets a lot of fire power. The last time I saw him very mad, that person was traumatised for life. Max is known as the Fire leader of the leaders. He would always give the army lots of determination and fire power even when everybody is down.

"Well it's not my fault that you are very far away from the house! I only heard you because of my super hearing." I shout at him as I strike some squids and Gawkins with lightning while hitting a few with Mjolnir. I still had my suit on from earlier. I fly up into the air and pick Max up before the squids could trap him in between them. I put him on a tree nearby so he could shoot them from a distance. Ross is quickly killing all of the Gawkins with no difficulty at all. He hasn't even been hit. I fly away from the tree and strike more squids with lightning before Max hits them with fire balls. Boomy shoots a ghast fireball at any of the Gawkins coming to try and sneak up on any of us or any that are trying to escape. I start to go on the ground to start hitting them since my electricity is starting to make me exhausted.

"Jess watch out!" Ross shouts at me as I am hitting one of the Gawkins trying to grab me. Before I react, a squid slams his tentacle against my back, using such force that I hit down about three trees before leaving a dent in the forth one. This is always happening to me isn't it? Being slammed into walls and trees and coming out with either a broken arm or bleeding head. Which is it this time? I get up from the ground, a little dizzy from the hit and still weak from the fever, and touch my forehead to feel the blood. Of course!

"I'm okay!" I shout, leaning on the tree. Mjolnir slipped from my grip from sweat while I was hitting the trees. Two squids come from behind the trees and one wraps both their tentacles around me so tight that I can't breathe. Boomy follows the squids and sees me and tries to strike the squid but the squid puts me in front of it making Boomy stop.

"Strike and Thor gets it!" The squid holds me tighter, cutting off my breath. I don't think the squid noticed. I try to call Mjolnir but I can't raise my arm high enough. Instead, I give Boomy a look to attack. He looks at me like I was crazy but I was running out of breath and I need him to attack. Even if it gets me. I give him a forceful look and he looks apologetic at me before sending one of his fireballs at the squids. The squids put me in front of them, making me take the hit but since the ball was big and the tentacles were wrapped around me, the squids were also hit, killing them. Since he didn't join the sky army, the squids disappeared to the ocean where their spawn point is, releasing me from their grasp and letting me breathe. As soon as I hit the ground, I turn on my back and start to take deep breaths to fill my lungs and because my arms, legs, torso and my cheek has burn marks on them. At Least my super hero healing won't leave the burns.

"Master! I will go get help!" Boomy flies off on the hover board to go find the guys while I lie down with my arms and legs apart, just breathing heavily. Soon, Ross and Max are here and Ross instantly runs up to me.

"What happened?" Max asks while Ross puts my head on his lap and his scarf around my neck. His scarf is red and orange and has lots of tips in it but it's enchanted to make people who wear it heal faster. It's cute because it also fits on his squirrel form and his narwhal form.

"The squids wrapped me in its tentacles and cut off my air. But the weird thing is that it didn't want to kill me when it had the chance. It didn't even notice that he was suffocating me and it tried to protect me with his tentacles when I made Boomy hit us." I call Mjolnir and send it into my storage with my suit before grabbing the hover board that has fallen on the floor and give it to Max.

"Ross and Boomy will have to jump into my hood and you can use the hover board while I fly." I try to stand up but the burns on my legs make me hiss in pain while my head injury, probably a concussion, is making me dizzy. Max catches me before I fall to the ground and me puts me on my back, Ross and Boomy climbing into my hood.

"You can't stand Jess. Let's get you back to the house so we can sort your head out and check for anymore injuries." He says. I just nod into his back and sigh.

"This is what happens when you don't train in three years. You get hurt." I mumble into Max's back to myself but he must have heard me.

"Why haven't you trained for so long? You are a superhero right? You were wearing Thor's armour." He asks, looking at me from the corner of his eye.

"It's a story for another time. Maybe when i can breathe properly, I will tell you." I think the squid crushed my lungs it something. The only reason I can breathe is because I'm wearing Ross's scarf. I can also feel some of the burns disappearing.

"You're right. We should get you some help first. Are any of your friends good with this stuff." Ross says, popping his head out of my hood.

"Castor is. He usually bandages me up when I'm hurt so I think he has experience." I say. Max just nods. Soon we reach the mansion to see Barney, Jin and Sky talking outside while petting... Timberly? Of course Castor would have gotten his chicken. Max tried to land the hover board but fails so he just jumps off instead. Ross turns into his human form and hands me my hover board. I put it away.

"Where have you guys been! You have been gone for an hour!" Sky shouts, walking up to us with a worried but angry face.

"I was attacked and these two came to help but we need to get Castor. Jess is badly injured even with Ross's scarf on." Max rushes out before running inside the house. "Castor!" He shouts. Castor appears right in front of us with his super speed and instantly looks at me.

"Let's patch you up."

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