The Gatekeeper

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© 24CasterXAngel1878, 2011

Trudging through the deep murky woods

Heart beating faster than galloping horses

Escaping the horrors from the marshes

Groping my way to evade the shadows in hoods

All that’s left was fear and silence as I hid

The tawny moon smiled, daunting as I waited in the grid

Engulfed me in its light; exposed, pale white in the beam

Kept me in the open as the earth shook; the reaper screamed

Embers rose from the cracked split grounds

Emphatic, like the wail of the charging hellhounds

Pulse racing, I unsheathed the blade bursting with angel fire

Effacing the beast, I sent him to Hell

Roaring with laughter, the gatekeeper awaited the reaper’s descent

December 28, 2011 – Inspired by Angelfire


A/N: This is another acrostic of mine...I hope you like it! xDD

What do you think? I accept negative criticisms if you think it'll improve my works ;)

Thanks a lot people! :D

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