Life in a new school (6)

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She wouldn't let me get out of taking them. "I don't want you getting pregnant, Pan, just take them." I knew exactly what would happen if i went upstairs with them. I shook the image out of my mind and tried to think of somewhere i could hide them.

Shadow chose that moment to come downstairs. He looked at me, then to her, then burst out laughing. "Condoms, seriously. Why do you have those?" My aunt gave him a look that only mom's can give and he stopped laughing. "Look, it's not like we're doing it, actually that upstairs was the first time we had ever kissed, so i think sex is a little out of the question." My face was no doubt bright red, and getting worse by the second, here was my best friend/boyfriend(?) talking to my aunt about us having sex.

"I'm going to go put these in the bathroom..." I said as i started to walk away. I caught Shadow's face as I walked passed him, he was bright red as well. I walked up the stairs slowly, hoping that if i took enough time, she would be gone when i got back. I quickly put them in the bathroom closet, hoping that mom and dad, when they returned, wouldn't find them and get the wrong idea.  

I walked down stairs slower than i had walked up. I walked into the kitchen to see a very red faced Shadow and a very calm looking Aunt.

"I think i should be going. Just remember what i said Shadow, and remember, i know where you live." She didn't hug me, or say anything besides that, just smiled as the door closed.  

"What was that about?" I asked Shadow when he didn't look like he was about to pass out.  

"Your aunt is VERY scary, did you know that?"


I was sitting on the couch, thinking about Pan, when the doorbell rang. Automatically, Shadow walked in, holding the hand of the very lovely Pandora. Her hair was straightened, so straight if you ran your hand through it, it would slice your skin. She had rainbow eye shadow on and purple eyeliner that only accented her eyes even more. Shadow was a lucky bastard, and he better know that. I remembered what my dad had said. "Don't think just because you know her more than me, that i can't show her what a real man is."

I shook myself on the inside, and got up off the couch. My dad started to come downstairs and i rolled my eyes at him. He took one look at Pandora, smiled evily at me, and took her hand. He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it. Pandora looked horrified, and Shadow looked pissed. Shadow knew how dad could be and he would fight to the death to keep him away from Pan.

"Dad, i think you should leave." I tried to sound as calm as possible, but what i really wanted to say was 'Dad, get your fucking hand off her, she doesn't like wrinkles so just back off.' But i didn't. I figured it would be best to leave that to myself.  

"Uh, I have to go to the bathroom..." She whispered. Both Shadow and I looked at her.

"Do you need any help finding it." Shadow asked her like the protective boyfriend he all of a sudden was.

"No, i'll just try to find the kitchen again." She smiled at me due to our private joke, then went up the stairs.

Shadow descended on me as soon as she was out of earshot. "What the hell was that whole deal with your dad, that was kinda weird." His voice was full of concern, and anger but i heard mainly concern. I told him all about the deal that dad had made and what he said. As I talked I could tell Shadow was getting angrier and angrier as time passed.

Our conversation quickly ended when Pandora walked back downstairs.

"What were you guys talking about?" She said with a mischievious grin.  

"Nothing." We replied at the same time.  

"Ah-huh. Like i'm really gonna believe that." She stood with her arms crossed.  

"I'm hungry, anybody feel like pizza." I quickly said.  

"Sure am." said Shadow wrapping his arm around Pan's shoulders.


I got home to my mom laying on the couch, a blanket over her, totally asleep. I wondered what Pan was doing right now. My phone vibrations made me jump out of my skin almost. The text said 'hey dude going out for pizza in 15 wanna come'. I texted back a quick 'hell yeah', scribbled a note for mom in case she woke up, and left.

We met the guys in front of the pizza shack. I saw her inside. I saw Pandora Anne Matthews sitting right in front of me. She smiled and waved at me when i walked in, then Aiden said something and they all started laughing. Oh, what i would give to hear her laugh.

~Sorry, it's so short, I had a brain fart and didn't want to ruin anything by trying to continue.~

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