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Pen Your Pride


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Okay I know this isn't good but I know some people were asking me to write these scenes for the story >.<

She slips her finger delicately into the front of my shorts, teasingly drawing the front of them down. Wrapping my arms loosely around her flawless, sexy body I gradually pull her back to my bed, plopping down with her on top of me. Feeling her sweet lips against mine, it sends shivers down my spine. I gently outline the curve of her perfectly sculpted lip with my tongue, lightly letting our tongues collide.

I position both my hands on either side of her hips, gradually pulling out of the kiss. I gather her soft shirt in my hand, pulling it over her head. My breath accelerates as I toss her top carelessly onto the floor, revealing a sexy purple bra. Running my hand down the side of her body I pull her into me, letting our lips touch again, slightly parting her lips with my tongue. Running my hands up her spine, I finally reach her bra clasp undoing it quickly; letting it drop off of her incredible body onto my shirtless chest.

“I love you, Justin.” Hailey whispers in my ear, as she tugs on my briefs, quickly taking them off, I feel myself brush against her. I gruffly pull the barely there thong off of her, letting it fall down to the ground.  Growing larger, I push against her more. I feel her body stiffen for a second, lightly nibbling on my bottom lip.

I carelessly roll her over onto the bed, resting myself carefully down on top of her. I softly kiss her neck, kissing down to her collar bone sensually, slowly. She lets out a soft moan, running her fingers through my hair. Moving further down her body I kiss her tight stomach, letting my tongue brush against her. Making it down lower I kiss her upper inner thigh, kissing lightly.

Moving my lips over, I let my lips rest on her, my tongue slipping from my lips, slightly entering her. I hear her inhale deeply, followed by her wrapping her legs around my neck bringing my tongue deeper inside of her. I feel her moistness on my tongue, our liquids colliding. Flicking my tongue on her she lets out a loud moan, arching her back, pushing herself harder into my mouth.

I tickler her inner thigh lightly, spreading her legs apart. I breathe heavily, as my tongue enters further into her, her sweetness engulfing my mouth. I lightly remove my tongue, moving back up to her, our skin brushing against each other’s.

Resting my lips on her neck, I lock my hands around her wrists, pushing myself harder against her. My mouth drops open as I feel myself brush against her, the moistness of her engulfing me. She wraps her legs around me, bringing me down onto her, letting myself enter into her I hear her breathing stop for a minute, then letting out a sigh she arches her back, letting herself fall back down again with a low moan.

Thrusting myself deeper into me, our bodies are completely bonded. I can feel the heat of our bodies colliding together, the closeness and the feeling of our bodies stuck together, inside of each other.

Getting into a rhythm, I thrust in and out her, both of us breathing heavily and moaning in unison. She grabs my hair, lightly tugging at it. She brings my pips down onto her, our tongues intertwining, a passionate kiss forming as I thrust in and out of her.

I let myself down on her, feeling myself completely inside of her. Putting my hands down to her hips I turn around, placing her on top of me. She places her hands on my chest, lightly massaging it. She begins to move up and down on me, the sensation even better than before. Wrapping my arms around her torso I bring her breast down to me, letting her nipple slip into my mouth, I flick it with my tongue making it grow hard in my mouth.  

I place my hands on her hips, driving her down harder onto me, moving her up and down faster than before.  I close my eyes, biting my lip trying not to let out a loud moan. I breathe in, feeling myself grow even harder inside of her. As she slows down, she goes slowly down onto me, putting me deeper inside of her than before, then again. As she does this I feel my head grow even larger, I can feel the tip throbbing intensely inside of her.

As she lowers herself down onto me again slowly, I can feel liquid seeping out of me into her. I throw my head back, letting out a loud moan. My body tensing up, I keep her in place by holding her hips down on me. As I explode even more into her she also throws her head back, slowly beginning to move herself up and down again.

Almost immediately I can feel her moisten even more, our liquids colliding, making us both moan.  She rests on me, laying her head down onto my chest. I pull her off of me, placing her beside me letting her head rest on my arm. Looking down at her, our lips meet again, sharing a passionate kiss.

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