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*Ashley's POV*

"Good session today guys, may as well go rest up before tomorrow" Andy told us, I grabbed my training bag and said bye to the guys, all of us watching Andy leave. CC then followed me out.

"What's got you so happy?" he asked as we walked out of the studio.

"Nothing, why?" I asked him, though he just raised his eyebrow at me as we headed towards his car.

"Oh, then what's in the bag? And why did you walk up this morning?" CC asked,

"I erm... ya know me C, I like being healthy" I said.

"He's got a new training partner" Jake cheered. I turned my head to see Jake had parked next to CC, hearing everything.

"Oh yeah?" CC said.

"Well, yeah I do" I said, biting my lip as I looked over the road to the gym further down.

"Sooo... is that where you're going?" CC winked.

"M-maybe," I said.

"This is about a girl right? Or is your new training partner a handsome muscular dude?" CC asked, I rolled my eyes.

"Yes, she's a girl" I said, CC grinned at the prospect of me having a crush that for some reason he seemed to be pointing out every gender possible to me. I rolled my eyes yet again at him. "Look, it isn't what you think. I just like working out with her" I said, trying to tell him it isn't like that between me and Natasha.

"She work you real hard?" CC chuckled.

"I'm not going to dignify that with a response" I chuckled, by now it was just me and C in the parking lot. "I need to go, don't want to keep her waiting"

"No, you do not" CC grinned, I was impressed that he didn't say anything dirty minded for that last sentence. We said our goodbyes and I walked over to the gym.

Once I got there, I was greeted by the best smile I have ever seen in my life. Natasha was beautiful, I wasn't going to deny that. Her toned, tanned body and brown eyes always made me smile and her long, black hair was always put up in a high pony tail. But I met her at the gym one day and realised she was at my level so we got talking; we only ever meet at the gym for workouts and then part ways. We'd only ever really seen each other in gym clothes, other than when we both walk in like now when I'm in my skinny jeans and tank top. She always looks good in her leggings and sports bra, I'll give her that.

"Hey Tash," I smiled back, "sorry I'm late"

"Seen as it's you cowboy, I'll let you off" she grinned.

"I'll be two seconds, I need to go get changed" I said.

"I'll meet you at the running machines" she said, I nodded and we both headed in different directions.

I put my work out clothes on, grabbed a towel and water bottle and then claimed a locker to put my stuff in. Once I was sorted I headed out to the running machine to see Tash was ready and waiting.

*Natasha's POV*

Ash and I started off by walking, slowly warming up. As we were, we started catching up on the things that have happened since we saw each other 2 days ago.

"We're making progress on the new album, Andy just seems so warn out though with his side project that we're finishing earlier. We keep making other plans in the evening and making sure Andy leaves the studio first so we all know he's okay and on his way home" Ash explained.

"That's really sweet, I love that you're watching out for him" I smiled, Ash nodded and we took it up another notch.

"What about you then?" Ash asked me, looking at me.

"Working, university, working, you know the story" I smirked, that's really the only thing I ever gave him. All because that's all there was to me.

"How's uni going?" he asked, taking his machine up another level. I did the same and began to go into a gentle jog.

"It's okay, hard work but I absolutely love it and I am proud of the progress" I said, he seemed to frown a little but then shrugged it off. I always did wonder if he noticed I only ever said I was proud. My parents were too, of course they were but I wasn't doing as well as they hoped as I've always been the one with good grades that they had high expectations for. I just never realised how hard uni would be and now, I wasn't doing as well as before. I was still proud nonetheless, as I was doing it on my own.

After we did our cardio, we slowed down to move onto the mats to stretch. Ash seemed a little out of it than usual and as I looked at him in concern.

"Are you okay?" I asked as I started stretching my triceps.

"Yeah, just something CC said... I've just realised why he's reacted the way he has" he replied, then copied my stretch.

"Is it a bad thing?" I asked, hoping there hadn't been a fight.

"Not really, well not from my perspective. He's worried about me though and he really doesn't have anything to worry about" Ash said. He grabbed his foot and pulled it towards his bum, I did the same and saw him bite his lip.

"Are you sure there isn't anything to worry about?" I asked, "even I'm getting worried"

"O-oh," he said, shaking his head and changing his leg, "honestly I'm alright. It's just he keeps getting excited every time I mention there's someone in my life, like when I mentioned I was coming here to work out with you, he seemed so happy. He literally points out anyone that he knows is single, it even got to the point where he'd point out guys even when I'm not interested. I just now worked out that he seems to be worried that I'm single, like I'm sad about my life or something" Ash explained.

"So, you're not sad?" I asked, he shook his head and sat down on the floor. I did the same and sat next to him, putting my feet together with my hands gripping them as I pushed my knees to the ground.

"No, I'm so happy with my life. I have a supportive family, the greatest and weirdest friends ever and I'm absolutely in love with what I do... I'm not sitting at home dwelling on the fact I'm single," Ash said, I smiled at his strength. He's one of the only, if not the only person I know who does what he wants and doesn't let anything get to him.

"Maybe he doesn't understand all that, he has a girlfriend doesn't he?" I asked, Ash nodded before lying down on the mat, "well maybe he knows what he has and thinks that's what everyone wants"

"I guess you're right, he's in love, they all are so I suppose he finds it odd that I'm not" Ash said, pulling his body up into a sit up. I nodded and did the same, as we both started to do sit ups. We usually stopped talking when we were doing something like this, one where we need to concentrate and breathe. But I could see Ash thinking and he seemed to be going slower than usual. Maybe what CC said had hit him more than he thought?

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