Of Strange Happenings

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And the weirdness and truth-revealing begins! DUN. DUN. DUN.


There was white everywhere—around the walls, on the ceiling, on the tiled floor, on the sheets, even outside the glass window. It seemed like the air had become thick and puffy, just a pale, white gas floating outside and taking up everything that used to exist. It was like having your eyes shut, except there was no darkness or funny spots of lights. It was all just a simple color.

A maddening color.

She was too young to know what lunacy was. The closest she had ever gotten to a dark feeling was when her brother had refused to tuck her into bed when she pouted for it. She didn't know how mentally sickening not being able to think could be, didn't know how not being able to see anything but a white fog could send someone into panic. A panic that was too strong for a child to know.

"Dem Dem."

Twisting her head towards the sides around her, a blonde little girl stopped her crawling in the room that seemed to extend the more she moved.

"Dem Dem."

She forced herself into a sitting position, the tiles cold against her skin as her little legs touched them. A bit of annoyance developed in her mind when she had looked down at herself just to see a white puffy dress on her. It seemed that wherever she was, there was no color permitted but the one of the insane.

"Bit fussy, aren't you?" Looking up to the sound of a voice echoing off the pallid walls, the little girl found a pair of silver eyes staring at her.

Her young heart picked up in rate, an excitement rushing into her blood stream.

The man with the silver in his gaze smiled gratefully at the girl—the same smile that he had always given her. "Took you quite the time to find this place, Demetria. I've been waiting for you for a while now, sweetheart."

Demetria rolled her brown eyes, little chubby arms folding across her chest.

Stepping closer to the child, just so he didn't look like a floating head, she noticed the pearly-white robes that man had on. "Are you frightened?"

At the question from the man, Demi practically snorted.

"Of course not. We taught you better." Reaching for the girl, the man smiled proudly as she outstretched her arms to him, impatient to be held. "A bit daunting at first, but you'll get used to the surroundings."

Resting her head against his shoulder, Demi found the same comfort as she got a whiff of the man's long, blonde hair. A comfort that made her feel like she wasn't going to go loony because he was here now, because the white no longer angered her because his arms were there to protect her.


Stopping in his path to the furtherest part of the never-ending grand room, those silver eyes looked back into the deep brown of the girl's. "There are people that would like to meet you, Dem," Lucius Malfoy whispered to the child, a strange nostalgia filling his non-beating heart. "Remember to be polite and remain a Malfoy at all times."

Demi didn't know where she was going or why the white kept extending, but she knew that as long as her grandfather was there she was safe. She was cozy, almost as if she had been exhausted and she was finally getting the rest she needed. Like a headache slowly residing.

There were flashes of light crossing her mind, memories of glass shattering all around her, cries of pain somewhere echoing inside the walls of her thoughts. It was wretched, all those flashes and fragments of memory, so she hugged her grandfather tighter.

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