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"Hurry up you dobe!" Sasuke yelled. "Shut up you bastard!" Naruto yelled as he reached the front gates where his team waited. "Come on let's go, we have to find a spot to camp out before night fall" Kakashi said as they jumped from tree to tree.

"Kakashi sensei you still haven't told us the details for the mission" Sakura reminded him. "Oh that's right, we're going to deliver a scroll to the Mizukage" Kakashi said as they continued jumping and dashing.

"The Mizukage? I don't think i've ever seen him" Naruto said. "Well first of all the Mizukage is a women and second of all neither have I" Kakashi said. "I heard a lot of amazing things about her and her lava jutsu" Sakura said.

Night fall came and they decided to camp out by a waterfall. They set up camp and started to cook their fish. "There are so many stars" Naruto said as he looked up. "Wow! Naruto! Your eyes looked really cool for a second" Sakura exclaimed.

"Cool?" Kakashi asked. Sakura nodded and told Naruto to look at the stars again. "Wow, you're right they look like tiny galaxies!" Everyone was quiet for the one who spoke was someone they did not expect. "I mean, uh... The fish is ready" Sasuke cleared his throat and Naruto laughed.

"You don't have to keep up an act Sasuke. It's okay to laugh a little" Naruto patted his arm. "Speak for yourself" Naruto froze as Kurama spoke. "Naruto? Everything alright?" Kakashi waved a hand in front of his face making him snap out of whatever he was in.

"Yeah, just sleepy and hungry!" Naruto smiled as he began to chow down. After a meal and a bath at the waterfall they all went into the tent to sleep. They all fell asleep almost immediately except for Naruto who stayed up talking to the fox inside him.

"I meant what I said, I'm inside of your body. I can see all of your feelings and hear your thoughts." Kurama said. Naruto looked away and left his mind scape.

He got up slowly trying not to wake anyone up and walked towards the waterfall. He looked at his reflection in the water.

(Play song)

"They think you're crazy
They think you're mad
They call you stupid, worthless, tell you you're not worth it" Naruto sang as he stared at his reflection

"Now you're walking back to place called home
But you feel so alone
The same hurtful hits it's your darker place
In your virgin ears the remarks they make" Naruto's voice cracked a bit as he remembered the looks and hits the villagers gave him.

"If they, if they really knew all those things that you do in your room to hide the pain
I bet their minds will change
I bet their minds would change~" Naruto looked at the large deep cut on his wrist he was ashamed of his scar and always kept it hidden.

"They'd change~
If they knew the pain~
Cause I believe in the scars
Cause I believe" Naruto sang dropping a pebble into his reflection.

He laid back and stared at the sky. The stars reflecting on his eyes beautifully. He closed his eyes feeling the warm summer breeze, slowly he fell asleep. Not minding sleeping outside on dirt.


"Naruto! Naruto!" his eyes opened and they focused on his sensei that was shaking him violently. "I'm awake, stop shaking me!" Naruto yelled. "Oh sorry" Kakashi made his eye into an upside down u.

"Why did you sleep outside?" Sasuke asked helping him up. "Uh... It was hot inside the tent! Yeah, that's right! There was too much body heat" Naruto laughed nervously, definitely not wanting them to find out he came out to sing especially Sasuke.

"Right... Well we should get going" Sakura said putting her backpack over her shoulder. "Yeah" Naruto nodded. "I don't see why you hide the fact that you sing" Kurama said with a yawn. "Are you serious?! Do you know how embarrassing that is?" Naruto said in his mind.

"Whatever, i'm going to sleep" Kurama said curling into a ball like a cat making Naruto chuckle and leave his mind scape.

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