The first semester of college began slowly coming to an end. Hermione and I made several muggle friends who we hung out with in between classes. The weather was beautiful and sunny which Hermione liked because she got to wear dresses. She was the most beautiful think I had ever seen, she looked good in it all. We were sitting at lunch chowing down on fish and chips when I just got an idea.

"Party at my house, everyone is invited."

Blake looked at me like I was crazy. "Draco your flat can not hold the entire school."

"Of course it can't but the manor can."

"Manor?" Jessica spoke. Jessica was Blakes girlfiend, they like Hermione and myself have been together since their youth.

I quickly nodded my head. "Yeah, manor."

"We didn't know you had a manor."

Hermione moved to sit on my lap and she wrapped her arms around my neck. "My Draco likes to be modest."

"Well by all means we have to go right Blake? I mean we have never seen Draco's house."

I took out a piece of paper and began writing things on it trying to turn it into an attractive looking flyer before I tossed it over to Blake. "Make copies and hang them everywhere."

Hermione looked at my watch and kissed me before she got to her feet. "Party is tonight, don't be late" she hissed in a cute way.

I got to my feet and straightened my shirt out before wrapping my free arm around Hermione's waist. "Listen to future Mrs. Malfoy" I laughed. "See you guys later tonight" I added before we headed to our biology class.

During the class, I got a ton of looks. It wasn't until I overheard some of the whispers and then get a forwarded text did I realize what it was about. I read the texts that were forwarded and then chuckled before handing it to Hermione.

Party at Draco Malfoys manor, I'm in are you?!?

Hella yea!

I'm definitely going I heard he is the richest 19 year old in the United Kingdom.

I bet his house is huge!

I bet there will be beautiful girls there, speaking of girls did you see his girlfriend I heard this party is because he is going to ask for her hand in marriage tonight.

We are definitely going to be there.

Don't forget everyone it is a formal party, suits and cocktail or evening dresses. I heard there is going to be a bouncer so if you aren't dressed appropriately you aren't getting in.

Shit! I have nothing to wear I need to go shopping.

Wait what is the address.

4824 Peacock way!

Ooooh this should be good its in the rich neighborhood.

"Really now, Malfoy proposing to his girlfriend." Hermione teased.

"SHHH! Focus now!" The teacher said. Weird enough he reminded me of Snape.

Hermione and I exchanged a look at one another before smirking and pretending like we were reading. Before I could finish the page the class was dismissed. Hermione and I headed towards the parking lot to my car and stopped when I heard my name. Turning around I watched as Whitney came walking this way.

"Hey Draco" she said giving me a soppy look and ignoring Hermione completely. "I heard there is a party at your house, I'll see you there kay"

I nodded my head and then turned away to head towards the car.

"Uh Hermione may I speak with you real quick." Whitney turned to me and smiled. "Its okay its just some girl stuff."

Hermione loked at me nervously before she walked over to Whitney. I watched as Whitneys lips moved quickly and then Hermione hurridly came back to my side and grabbed my arm before practically towing me to the car. Once I got inside and buckled my seat belt I turned to her.

"What did she say to you?" I asked her curiously.

Hermione turned her head towards me and I knew that by the distressed look on her face, the conversation wasn't friendly.

"She said don't get comfy because you are hers. Whitney said she is going to try and tear us apart if she had to kill me."

I flinched at the final words. No one will ever have the chance of hurting my woman. I made it a priority to start a 'Not invited list' She and Brody were at the top.

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