One: Back To The Streets Where We Began

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Okay okay, so all my friends (and anyone who's spent 0.5 seconds with me) know that I think Derek Hale is a precious cinnamon roll that needs to be protected at all costs. HE JUST NEEDS TO BE LOVED AND WIN ONE FIGHT FOR THE LOVE OF SATAN. Anyways, here's a story and I hope y'all like it cause I like y'all.

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Wolf.....I also don't own Blink-182 tickets. Idk which is more depressing.

 Idk which is more depressing

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Nora's POV

The purr of baby's engine died down as I pulled into the drive way I knew so well. The black door creaked as I stepped out of my '67 Chevy Impala. The dewy ground sunk under my doc martens and the California morning chill seeped into my t-shirt. I tightened the flannel around my waist and walked onto the porch. I drew my knuckles back to knock, but the door was swung wide open and I was whisked into the arms of my favorite cousin.

"Scotty?" I almost couldn't believe my eyes! Scott wasn't a fetus anymore! Although his jaw had only gotten more crooked.

"Nora! I can't believe you're here." He grinned his puppy-eyed smile which made me smile.

"Is that her?" I heard Aunt Mel's voice echo through the house.

"The one and only!" I called as Scotts hug was replaced with Melissa's.

"Oh my god! You've grown so much!" She took my face between her hands and stared in amazement.

"Thank you so much, aunt Mel." I say, trying to convey as much greatfulness as I could.

"Don't thank me, Nora! It's my job."

"It doesn't have to be..." I trailed off.

"Nora, your adopted, not alien. I'm your aunt. Scott's your cousin. It's my job to take you in and care for you."

"Thank you. I thought I would lose everything because I'm-" a monster? Freak? Werewolf? "-not blood."

"Nonsense. Come on, I'll help get your stuff in." Awe little Scotty being all helpful. Wow, his jaw line has just gotten more uneven.

«««««««« Flashback »»»»»»»»

I don't know what's happening. My head hurts and I can hear everything. I feel my panic rising. I get panic attacks a lot, so I know to just lay low. I dodge behind a group of students and wall into the gym. No one's here.

I make my way under the bleachers and sit. The pain in my head keeps intensifying. I let out a groan of pain. Correction: growl of pain. I don't even sound like myself. I just got placed with a good family and now I'm going through some freaky something.

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