9:Drink - Demyx X Nobody!Reader

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You needed water.

Right then.

Or you were not going to be a happy chappie.

Smacking your lips, you paced into the kitchen of the Castle That Never Was, heading straight for the cupboard and slipping out a plastic cup. Heading to the sink, you quickly flicked the tap on and filled your cup to the brim with water.


“Gah!” You jumped, fumbling for the cup as water sloshed and spilled over the edges.

“Hey, did I scare you?”

Demyx laughed as he walked around the kitchen counter, hand going to his forehead in shock, “No way, I did scare you, didn’t I!?”

“You gave me a fright. And that’s not much of an achievement.”

He became sullen and crossed his arms, “N’aw, that’s mean. I was having my moment in the sun, _(Name-X)_.”

“It’s a mean world, Demyx~” You laughed out.

You turned back to your cup of water, moving to take a big gulp before the plastic suddenly jumped within your hand, water splashing across your face and Organization cloak, soaking your hair and whatever else had been helpless enough to be hanging around.

“Score one for Demyx!”

“Hey, no fair!”

Crack! Bang!

“You didn’t have to throw the cup at me!”

“Haha! Score one for _(Name)_!”

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