Chapter 11

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Aphmau POV

I drag Castor into Mitch's office with everybody in it before sitting down on the desk. Boomy pops his head out of my hood.

"Jess there's a creeper in your hood!" Max shouts, pointing to my hood. Boomy hisses at him.

"Jess get away from it!" Sky tries to get me to take my hood off.

"It's okay." I pet Boomys head, making him push his head against my hand.

"How...?" Jin looks very confused. "It's hard to get a creeper to not blow up."

"This is Boomy. He's a creeper minion. I've known him since he was abandoned by his parents." I pick up Boomy and hand him to Ross who starts to play with him in his grey squirrel form. He can turn into a squirrel and into a narwhal. Barney can turn into a purple dinosaur. It's pretty cool.

"Did Ross just turn into a squirrel? Katelyn asks. I nod.

"It's pretty rossome isn't it?" The sky army face palm while the others give me a weird look. "What?"

"Don't worry about it Jess." Max says.

"Okay!" I sit on the floor next to Ross and Boomy and start to play with them both.

"Is she going to get up?" Max asks. I turn to him.

"Why? You mad Max? Or are you sad Max? Maybe you are a glad Max." I smirk at his red face. You could basically see the steam coming from his ears. "You mad Max? You mad?"

"You have three seconds to run." I jump up and run out of the room, Max running after me. "Get back here!" He shouts at me.

"You will never catch me alive!" I run a bit faster because he starts to catch up to me. Let me tell you, he is a really fast runner when he is angry. I feel him touch my back so I use a bit of my superhero speed to run away from him and as soon as I run around the corner, I jump up and stay flying their, watching him keep running around another corner. As soon as he's gone, I fly down and get my hover board out before jumping on it and flying back to the room. I just fly in and close the door like nothing happened and just sit down on my hover board.

"Where's Max?" Ross asks in his human form. I just shrug and get out a bag of Doritos from my storage area. "Where did you get those Doritos?" He goes to take one but I smack his hand away.

"No touching and do you really want to know?" He shakes his head. My hover board seems to be falling down so I give it more energy before It touches the floor and it puts me back into the air.

"Nice hover board. Who made it?" Jin asks.

"I did." I jump off of the board and give it to Jin to look at since I know he likes to invent stuff.

"Seriously? You couldn't even work a computer when we were younger." He turns around the hover board to look at the power pack. "This has a power pack built in but there is no charger?" He looks around the board.

"Hey Jess, can you charge my board as well? It's out of electricity." She summons her hover board and hands it to me. I quickly power it with my electricity before giving it back to her.

"Good as new." She puts it in her storage in her charm bracelet.

"Where did it come from. And where did it go?" Barney asks.

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