Chapter 9

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Erin's POV

"Shall we pick up Miss Bethany or head straight into the city, ma'am?" Clyde asked as we settle into one of my father's many luxurious cars.

"The city," I replied shortly, and soon after we were on the road. I lived in the outskirts of the city, so the drive would take about ten to fifteen minutes tops to reach the shops.

A few minutes into the drive I clicked on a button causing a black screen to raise in between Clyde and myself. Not because he was bothering me or anything, I just liked my privacy.

I stared out the window watching as we drove pass all the beautiful looking trees coated in white.

I was trying so hard to clear my mind, but my thoughts kept drifting here and there. Clyde couldn't have came at a more perfect timing back home. Jaxon was beginning to put me in a situation that I wasn't taking a liking to. His thoughts were all over the place and they were starting to overwhelm me, I had to block him out of my head. That didn't stop him from expressing them out loud though.

I didn't miss the disappointment in his voice when I completely flipped my attitude, but what was I suppose to say? How was I suppose to let him get to know me, when I was still trying to figure myself out.

Jaxon had completely shifted my mood the minute he had walked in, and I wasn't liking the way he was making me feel. I may have been able to lie to him, but I couldn't deny the fact that I did feel drawn to him. I wanted to know everything about him, why he was so interested in me. Of course I couldn't let him know that, I couldn't give him that glimmer of hope. He was starting to get a little too comfortable around me, Its just better off if we just avoided each other.

Apparently being so caught up in my thoughts I didn't feel the car come to a stop. The back door suddenly opens, "Ma'am, we're here."

I thanked Clyde as I step out of the car. I take  a second to myself, to enjoy to scenery, relishing in the cold breeze hitting against my face. I truly did love the cold nights winter brought.

"Erin?!" A girlish squeal comes from the right side of me. I turned around to find a couple rushing towards me. Clyde automatically pulls out a weapon from behind him and places it down in front of him in both hands.

"Clyde, relax. I know them." he doesn't respond, he only smiles but doesn't dismiss the gun in his hands. I roll my eyes, walking a few steps away from the car to meet the lovely couple ahead of me.

Larissa engages me in an unsuspected hug. "I thought it was you!" She says eagerly. "I haven't seen you in so long! Where have you been?"

"Hiding," I joke, laughing awkwardly. I feel uncomfortable in her embrace.

"I bet," she giggles ending the hug. "Hey, you remember my boyfriend Donny, don't you?"

Of course I remember her boyfriend, he's one of the reasons how we met. Donny's one of A's closes friends. We met one night when Donny brought along his new girl to show off to his friends. I could see why though, Larissa's a pretty little thing. She had a nice slim body, with beautiful strawberry blonde hair. I actually didn't know the two were still together after some of the stories A had told me about him.

"Yeah.. wow, you guys are still together?" I didn't realize until the words had left my mouth how incredibly rude that sounded. She doesn't make anything of it though, she only laughs it off joking around saying 'I know right'.

"Hey," she continues. "Are you going to the Christmas gala?"

"Well seeing how it is my families event, it would be impolite for me not to show up." I joke around.

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