We had just left the school parking lot and were headed to his house so he could change. We had just pulled up to his house and I went to get out of the car before he grabbed me.

"That Draco boy is more then your friend isn't he?" he asked.

I looked at him debating whether or not to tell the truth or continue with my lie. The lie was less complicated.

"Brody, we grew up together. He is nothing more than a family friend." Before he could ask another question I slid from the car.

I wait for him to head towards the front door before I followed. I stood behind him waiting for him to unlock the door and then we entered. This was the first time I had ever been to his house, we usually met at my parents house or his parents house so I was kinda nervous. He shut the door and walked over to me before he placed his hands on my waist and moved them slowly downwards before grabbing a handful of my ass. I gasped and pushed him back.

"What are you doing!" I shrieked.

He moved forward again before kissing me. "What does it look like I'm doing." he said before kissing me again.

I pushed him back again before wiping my mouth. "It looks like you are trying to get in my pants."

He moved closer before cornering me against the wall. I cringed away from him as he brushed up against me. "You are a pretty girl Hermione" he whispered, his breath smelled disgusting - a smell one could only get from beer and tabacco- I felt like I might vomit.

I pushed him off me before I walked quickly across to the other side of the room. "Brody, I don't want to sleep with you I'm not like that."

"I'm your boyfriend and you have the responsibility to make me happy." He spat. "If you are going to be my wife in the future-"

"-I don't want to be your wife, I want to be Draco's wife" I accidentally let slip.

I watched as he froze before he clenched his fists. "So I was right... that Draco kid was more than friends with you."

I gulped nervously, there was no taking that comment back so I just stood there in silence.

"I knew something was up with you two, the way he looked at you." He moved closer and it felt like I was 3 inches tall. "Explain yourself."

"We dated since we were 12 and we broke up a few months ago." I said hastily.

He stared at me long and hard before he spoke. "Do you love him?" he asked me.

I looked at him. "I don't understand what you mean"

"Your mother said you were a clever girl Hermione, its a simple question, do you love him"

I began crying, my face turning red from cheek to cheek.

He rose his voice "Do. You. Love. Him!" spit flew from his mouth between each words.

I nodded my head screaming at the top of my lungs. "Yes I love him, I fucking love him now leave me alone!" The second I finished my sentence he pulled his fist back and punched me in the face.

I quickly fell to the floor, grabbing my face with my hands. I screamed, tears streaking down my face. Before I could take a deep breath to comprehend what had happened he began kicking me.

"Don't you ever raise your voice like that at me you stupid little bitch! I should let him have you back, you don't even put out like a real woman should." He spat on me.

The front door crashed open and I heard a voice, his voice.

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