Chapter 1- dark alley's

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Adeline p.o.v.   

" you useless piece of shit" he yells slamming me against the nearest wall pinning my arms.

" I know I should have went for sister she's ten times pretty and has a nice rack you dirty whore" he rages slapping me across the face making me Yelp.

" pleea-sse stop your hurting my arms" I cry out trying to get away from his grasp.

" I see how you're always looking at other men I wouldn't be surprised if you slept with some else" he stammers while I get a whif of his breath that reeks of whiskey.

" I haven't done anything wrong just please let go of me" I plead.

" Shut up Bitch" he says continuing to slap me across the face again.
Sliding down to the floor I curl my knees to my stomach letting out a long sob.

" I'll give you something to cry about" wiping my eyes I look back up as he starts unbuckling his brown leather belt.

" Nooo!" I cry attempting to scramble away from him but he gets a good grip on my ankle pulling me back. Frantically i try my hardest to kick him back in the stomach..... If only I can just escape to the bathroom and lock the door.

    But all my efforts leave me with the same outcome. I think fast grabbing the closet thing to me which happened to be a lamp. Shattering over his head I waste no time scrambling onto my feet until I come to my senses.

   Laying right in front of me he is motionless ......grabbing the longest thing   in reach. I hesitantly step forward poking him with a hanger. For all I know this could be one of his mind tricks. Giving him a couple  more nudges  he doesn't budge.

     Shit..... I should have just been a better girlfriend...... Maybe if I was he wouldn't be so mad at me all the time.....tears cloud my sight what if I hit him to hard... He c-could be dead..... No....another sob escapes my throat until they quiet down to hiccups.
I have to leave.

(Antonio's p.o.v)

Those filthy Vincent bastards still owe us our money. Storming into my car with loaded guns....I take my three best fighters along with my best mate Nicholas to the meeting spot.

( Adeline p.o.v)

Racing throughout the apartment I frantically look for my mothers necklace that Marco hid in His dresser from me before I flip the door and run the hell out of there not even bothering to put on shoes.

To my Surprise there wasn't a single guard standing in the hallway to usually make sure I don't leave. Taking no chances I skip the elevator and go for the the stair case as fast as I can until I make towards the back exit.

Opening the door I take a moment Letting the fresh breeze I've been denied from for so long and enjoy it. 86days.......86 miserable days ago he started locking me up there. Tears of happiness slide down my cheek.

I flinched back falling to the ground as a Ray of gun shots sound from my left with footsteps following after them.
Dashing the opposite way of the alley fear coursed through my body. I take a right then a left turn running straight. I glance behind me to make sure .....shit.... Stumbling backward I smash into a tall figure. Scrambling backwards I about shit myself thinking that Marko mysteriously caught back up with me just to drag me back to his hell hole.

   Looking back up  my eyes adjust and slowly traveled up to the strangers face. For a second I'm hypnotized by his eyes blue on green before the moment is ruined and the handsome devil's face is replaced with a deadly glare. Raising his gun at me.

    " Nooo...... Please I didn't see anything don't s-shoot me" I sob putting my hands over my head staring down at his feet not daring  to look him in the eyes again.

    " grab her" his deep voice commands. Taking a good look at my surrounding I just notice the other man standing around us coming towards me now.

Getting up from my bruised knees I make a clumsy run for it. But my legs decide to fail on me making me stumble back on the pavement. Giant hands grab me from my back. The last thing I remember is my last sobs escaping my mouth before it all went black. I'm in deep shit now.

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