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Simone and Gerald found it impossible to pull themselves away from the window as they awaited some form of confirmation that Anora and Charlie were okay. They hoped for an owl or someone to arrive, but as the day went on, the parents were growing terribly worried. Magnus tried to settle everyone's nerves with some calming tea, but it didn't seem to work. The only two that seemed to be okay with the matter were Eliza and Stella, but it was due to the fact that the twins didn't have the slightest clue as to what was going on.

"Do you think one of us should head back?" Simone whispered to Gerald as she continued to stare out the window.

"Let's just give it a little longer, Simone. I'm sure they're fine. You know those two, they've been running around this sanctuary, riding dragons for years now, I don't think they'll let some battle get to them. From what Magnus said, the dragons will do anything to take care of them."

"But they're still wild animals, Gerald. What if something went wrong? What if one of them is hurt or..or..." She couldn't bring herself to finish the thought or sentence as she squeezed her eyes shut. She turned her head in the direction of where her grandchildren were asleep and reopened her eyes.

"Be strong, Simone. We've raised a strong woman, and she is more than capable of taking care of herself. Not only has she told us that countless times, she's proven it. And we know Charlie, one of the smartest and strongest men I know, he wouldn't let anything happen to her or himself to the best of his ability. They'll be here, they'll be back here before we know it."

Eventually, the parents stressed themselves enough to where they passed out on the sofa in exhaustion. Magnus walked over and draped a blanket over them before turning to Sebastian who entered the home quietly.

"Any word?" He asked with a hopeful expression.

"Nothing yet." Sebastian frowned. "I'm hoping there's just a delay at this point. I'm hoping it's not the worse-"

"Don't speak like that." Magnus scolded him. 'We must think positive thoughts."

"Sorry," Sebastian glanced down at his feet. "I'm just nervous for them, for everyone out there fighting. I feel like a complete coward being here when I was fully capable of going there to help."

"You're not a coward, Sebastian. You need to relax. Why don't you sit down?"

Sebastian nodded his head and pulled back one of the kitchen chairs. However, it let out a loud screech as it scraped against the floor noisily, waking Gerald and Simone from their short lived nap.

"What was that?!" Simone looked around in a panic.

"Um...sorry." Sebastian flashed them an apologetic grin. Gerald wiped at his face before turning to look out the window, when he suddenly jumped up to his feet.


"They're back!" The man shouted happily. 


"I said they're back!" The father ran over to the front door and opened it up before running out of the home.

Anora and Charlie walked alongside of each other, hand in hand as they had arrived back only minutes prior. They had dropped Roscoe and Norberta off back in the wooded area to allow the dragons to get some much needed rest. The dragons didn't need anyone to tell them twice as they were asleep before Charlie and Anora were out of eye sight.

Exhausted, the adults leaned against one another with smiles on their faces at the victory of the war being over and officially won.

"You know what sounds really good right now?" Anora said to Charlie.

"A shower?"

"Yes!" Anora said. "That's exactly what I was going to say, it sounds so good right now. I not only look like a roasted marshmallow, I smell like one too."

Charlie laughed.

"Such a way with words."

"We agreed to once a week, Charles."

Suddenly, they heard a shout in the distance and saw Gerald running towards them with a bright smile.

"Incoming, Dad hug." Anora said bracing herself. However, the sheer force of Gerald running towards her, knocked her back to the ground. "Hi Dad!"

"You're alright! " He hugged his daughter into him. He reached a hand up and dragged Charlie down by the shirt to hug him as well. "I'm so glad! You two weren't hurt right?"

"No, not at all." Anora smiled at her father. "We walked out without a scratch."

Anora's mother raced over and fell into the pile of hugging with happy tears streaming down her face.

"Oh don't ever scare us like that again. No more crazy adventures or dangerous stunts!" Simone told her.

"Besides working at a Dragon Sanctuary for the rest of my life?"


"I can work with that."

Arriving back to their home, Anora and Charlie were welcomed back by Magnus and Sebastian who also greeted the two with hugs.

"Where's Eliza and Stella?" Anora asked.

"Asleep." Simone said.

The two parents walked to their daughters room and found the two asleep as Simone had said. However, they didn't hesitate to lift the sleeping siblings out of the cribs and hold them close and tight. Charlie moved over to where Anora stood and pulled her close to him as well.

It was hard to believe the shy girl he had met on the train his first year that was so self-conscious about her hair, was the beautiful confident woman that stood before him, holding one of his daughters as she smiled up at him, happily.

"You know, we have another adventure ahead of us right?" He said to her.

"Oh really? Care to explain?"

"Parenthood for the rest of our lives, not to mention, we still have a wedding, if you've forgotten."

"How could I forget?"

"You tend to forget a few things, An. Like the time you thought your were drawing a Norwegian Ridgeback, when it reality it was a Hungarian Horntail."

"Oh not this again!"

"I still say it was a horntail."

"It was a RIDGEBACK!"

A/N: Alrighty, this book has come to end, but do not worry, there is a sequel coming out soon ;)

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