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Sunlight shone through the great hall as people made their way in one by one. Estella had just left the common room when she was joined by Cedric on her way to breakfast.

"So Mr. Prefect, Captain, and Seeker," Estella teased, "how long do you think it'll be before they catch Sirius Black?"

"Who knows, but the real question is, when are we going to have a normal year at Hogwarts?" Cedric replied.


Once the two arrived at the great hall, they made their way over to the Ravenclaw table. In the mornings, Cedric would eat with Estella. Then for the rest of the day, he would eat with his Hufflepuff friends.

Estella spotted her cousin already eating and went to sit at her side while Cedric sat in front of them.

"Good morning, Luna," Estella greeted.

"Good morning, you two," Luna replied, "have you heard the news?"

"What news?" Estella said.

"Nargles stole half of the columns that we're going to be in the next Quibbler," Luna answered.

"Oh no," Estella frowned.

Estella knew that most people didn't particularly believe in Nargles, but she was always a big believer in the impossible. In some way, she assumed, it just ran through the family.

Snickering came from a group of people sitting behind them.

"What's so funny?" One of them said.

"Just loony Luna," said another.

With that, Estella turned around.

"Hey!" She said to get their attention. The group turned their attention towards her with smiles still on their faces.

"Don't ever call her that again or so help me," Estella started. The group laughed and exchanged whispers. She was about to speak up again before Luna stopped her.

"It's okay, Estella. It nothing new," Luna implied.

"How long have they been calling you that?" Estella asked in a concerned and stern tone.

"Since last year," Luna replied simply.

"Luna, this is not okay."

"Why not?"

"Wha-well because they're making fun of you! Doesn't that bother you?"

"Come to think of it, it hasn't."


"It doesn't matter what people think of you. Never has and never will," Luna shrugged, "Within years, half of them won't even remember me. So why should I spend my time on worrying about what people think of me?"

"That's a nice way to go about life actually," Cedric piped in.

"Yeah, well, the negative way people think about you bothers me," Estella stated.

"I appreciate it, but you know, if you spend so much time caring about others, you lose time to care for yourself," Luna added.

"That's another good point," Cedric said.

Estella sighed and grabbed a piece of toast. She let Luna have the last word because after all, she was right. Wisdom about life seemed to be another thing that ran through the Raney family.

It all started with Estella's dad, Jacob and Luna's mother, Pandora. The brother and sister grew up with two different, yet similar, perspectives on life. The sister was a life-here-on-earth enthusiast. While the brother was a life-beyond-earth enthusiast. Pandora studied everyday occurrences that happened around her, and from that she grew wise. She went on as an explorer of everything. Jacob studied space and grew wise from those observations. He went on to pursue his dream of being an astronomer. Though their interests were quite opposite, the siblings shared one thing in common. They both developed perspectives on life that no one receives without realization. Pandora gained the perspective of how people should truly live their lives before it's gone. Jacob gained the perspective of how amazing it is to be alive in the midst of infinity. These perspectives were brought down to their daughters. That knowledge resided in the two cousins. Frankly, it showed not only to them but to everyone else.

Later that day, Estella decided to go to the library to check out a book for herbology. While looking for a certain copy, she heard thunder. She looked outside to see rain starting to pour. A warm and comfortable feeling grew inside of her as she smiled. She turned back to collide with someone.

"I'm so sorry!" Estella said while trying to regain her composure.

"Why don't you watch where you're going, Raney? You could've broken my arm even more," sneered Draco Malfoy.

Estella rolled her eyes and huffed, "I said I was sorry."

Malfoy had already walked away before she got the sentence out. Estella scrunched her face in disgust. Soon after, she felt someone walk up beside her. She turned to see Hermione Granger.

"I wouldn't dwell on it. He's Malfoy and you know how he is," she stated.

"Yeah, but he's just so aggravating," Estella replied.

"I agree. I don't understand how someone can be so wrapped up in themselves," Hermione added.

"Well, one way to look at it is, we look look up at the same stars and see such different things."

A/N: I don't know who said it, but it's not mine^ and sorry this kinda sucked. It'll get better I promise.

Hey guys! Sorry for not updating in awhile. One thing I want to mention, if you guys notice any mistakes in this book, please let me know....in a nice way of course. Also, with getting ready to go back to school and school actually starting, it's going to be rough finding time to update BUT I promise to update whenever I get the chance. I think once everything settles down and I get the gist of the new school year, I'll be able to update more than I think I will. So don't give up on me! I hope you enjoyed and continue reading :)

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