×××Chapter 19×××

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×××Y/N's POV×××

On the way to work, Tim yells, "Oh fuck there's a Growlithe!" I laugh pretty hard. "Uh. Tim? Aren't you supposed to be focusing on the road and not on your phone?" Max says. "Pfft." Is all Tim says.

Ross reaches over and takes Tims phone. "Hey!" Tim says. "You'll get it back when we get to the office." Ross says, pushing the phone in his back pocket. Tim focuses back on the road.

After we get to the office, we all head upstairs and walk our separate ways except for me and Max. "Hey Y/N." He says. "Wanna record a GTA mod showcase with me? Like you sit next to me like what Adam does with some of us." He says. I look up at him with a smile. "Sure!" I say as we walk to his office.

During the recording, Max's character in the game gets flung across the city. We both yell in surprise. Then after a second of silence we both start laughing really hard.

After we finished the recording, I decided to get something to eat. I walk over to the kitchen and open the fridge. I look down and see a bag of apples. I reach down and grab on from the thin plastic bag. I close the fridge and walk over to the sink, washing it off. I turn off the water and take a bite, turning around. But when I turned around, Red was standing near me so I accidentally bumped into him.

I dropped my apple when I bumped into him. But then Red quickly grabs it before it fell. "Im sorry!" I said. "Its fine." And he hands me my apple. "Thank you!" I say, taking the apple. He just looks at me. "Umm Red? You okay?" I ask taking a small step back. He just stares at me. I start to tremble slightly from his stare. Then he grabs my arms tightly and and pull me towards him, dropping my apple.

I scream and try to pull away. Then I hear pounding footsteps make their way over hear. Max runs in and notices Red. Instantly, Max punches him in the face. Red falls over, falling on the counter then on to the floor. "Don't ever touch her!" Max yells. Max looks at me with sad eyes and hugs me. I hug him back, shaking.

He rubs his hand on my back and let's go, grabbing my wrist and running out of the kitchen. We run to Adams office and Max furiously knocks on the door. It opens up and Adam looks at Max with a confused look. Then he looks at me and instantly gets worried. "What?!" Adam yells worriedly. "Red assaulted her!" Max yells.

I look down shaking. Adam gets pissed and storms by us. "He's in the kitchen." Max says as adam storms past. Me and Max walk up to the kitchen and before we go there, Adam pulls out Red by the colloar of the shirt. Red looks at me with a mad expression. They both disappear out of the glass door to the staircase.

I look around and see almost everyone standing in a crowd, shocked. I look at Max and he looks at me with a sad expression. "Thank you, Max." I say hugging him. He hugs back. "Don't mention it."

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