The beginging

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There I was playing at warped, I never thought this would happen, but it did, and I'm fucking proud to be here, we were playing the last song, Devils Night, I did my big finish and before I knew it the set was over, we were walking back to the bus and I found someones phone I tried to see who it was, luckily I found the number, I called what I guessed to be the persons mum, I told them I found there phone and soon enough I had to go return it, I kept the number in my phone. One night I was really bored it was our day off so I decided to text the stranger (bold=Vinny normal= Y/N


Who is this?

It's Vinny Mauro the guy that found your phone

Sure your Vinny Mauro and I'm Beyoncé haha very funny

No like I'm serious I'm Vinny Mauro

Yeah and I'm Beyoncé

Fine I'll take a pic and send it to you to prove it

Go ahead

Fine I'll take a pic and send it to you to prove it  Go ahead

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See I told you I'm Vinny

You could of just found that on the Internet

Uhhhhhh fine I'll talk to you when I can figure out how to prove to you I am Vinny Mauro from Motionless In White

Fine later stranger

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