Chapter One Hundred Seventy Seven

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Anora affectionately petted Roscoe's head as the dragon nuzzled into his handler after a long journey and a long battle. 

"You did so well, Roscoe. I thought we were going to have our troubles that we faced during training, but you and Norberta were absolutely incredible. And...and...ugh that's going to drive me crazy." Anora said before lifting up part of her shirt and wiping some of the dried blood off the dragon's face.

Roscoe blew some steam in her face as she dropped her shirt back down.

"Better. Now don't be fresh, I was only trying to help you. Do you think the mother of your hatchlings wants to see you strutting it about with your breakfast all over your face? I don't think so."

Roscoe moved away from him and knocked into the castle wall, causing a huge chunk to crumble to the ground.

Charlie looked up from where he had been comforting Norberta who was suffering a stomach ache as Anora had predicted.

He looked over at Anora who made a face at the destruction.

"I'll handle this," Charlie said before walking over to the doors and poking his head in to where the others were all resting and recovering with the Healers inside.

"Umm...we can fix that before we leave!" Charlie called to them.

"Charlie, get over here!" Arthur yelled over to his son. " And bring Anora, you two should be inside."

"You want to tell that to the dragons?" Charlie asked looking over his shoulder at Norberta and Roscoe.

"No," Arthur replied, "I'll let you handle that part, but get in here."

Roscoe made his way over to his mate, and settled down beside her, resting his head against hers. His tail intertwined with hers and draped his wing over her body allowing her to rest as he protected her from anything else that came to disturb them.

"I think they'll be okay." Anora said resting her hands on Charlie's shoulders and giving them a squeeze. "They are going to need a good nap before we head back to Romania. It's a long journey back."

"Oh don't remind me."

They headed inside the castle where Tonks was the first to jump up and run over to them, launching the two in a big hug. The three embraced happily, glad to be reunited with one another inside the castle walls.

"You know, now that you two are back here, you guys can finish up your seventh year." Tonks teased them.

Charlie laughed while Anora looked around. "Well, I know we were able to bring cats, toads, and owls....not sure how the professors would feel about Roscoe and Norberta." Anora said.

McGonagall passed them and placed her hand on Anora's shoulder. "They would be welcomed to stay. But you would have to find somewhere for them to sleep....and to be sure that no one tickles them during that time.You know the motto, Miss Forney." the woman smiled before heading on to check on some younger students.

"They actually enjoy being tickled." Charlie called over to the professor.

"Yes, Hogwarts could finally have the roasting marshmallows elective that we've all been waiting for." Fred said to Anora.

Anora smiled before ruffling Fred's hair. "Where's your other half?" she asked him.

Fred went to point to Eleanor but Anora gave him a look.

"George is um...over there." Fred pointed in the direction of where several bodies lay covered up. "He asked for a few minutes alone. So..."

Anora frowned along with Charlie as they saw George sitting near the body of Artemis, who had died at some point during the battle.

She looked away after realizing that not everyone had been saved as there were several bodies lying in the hall of students and adults.

She knew there were going to be sacrifices made, but she had hoped that everyone fighting for the good side would have been able to walk away.

Molly made her way over and drew Charlie and Anora into hugs.

"Oh you don't know how glad I am to see you two! It's been too long! But you two shouldn't be here!" She looked at him as she pulled away. "What about Stella and Eliza?"

"Relax, Mum." Charlie said. "Stella and Eliza are home with Simone, Gerald, Sebastian, and Magnus-"

"And Iggy." Anora chimed in. "They're in good hands and...paws."

"How long will you two be staying here?" Molly asked them.

"Well, we have to get Roscoe and Norberta back. But once we get back to Romania, we'll come back here with the girls. Sound good?"

Molly had no choice but to agree, glad to see that the two were unharmed, along with her entire family. She just wanted everyone in the same place, so she could be sure that everyone was okay and in tact.

"The sooner we head back, the sooner we can be back here." Anora pointed out.

"You're right, but before we go. There's one thing I want to do." Charlie smiled.

"What's that?"

"Hi there, Norbie. 'Member me?"

The dragon lifted her head from where she was resting under Roscoe's wing and saw a large man approach her along with Charlie and Anora by his side.

She recognized him of course, the first person she had set eyes on when she hatched from her egg.

"Oh she was only a lil' thing when she left and she was a boy too." Hagrid laughed heartily as he wiped away a tear. "It was so good to see you! I'm so proud of you."

"Don't cry." Anora whispered to Charlie as her voice cracked as they witnessed Norberta rise to her feet to touch her snout lightly to Hagrid's large hand.

"I'm not, you are!"

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