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As you guys already know .. I lost my virginity to Marco .. And I'm happy .. I mean he was so sweet.. He made my first time something to remember , like he put it down y'all I'm still sore .. We had sex this morning again .. And it was even better know that's it's all pleasure.. It still hurts a little cause of his size .. , I really do like him and after this .. I'm hundred percent sure .. I want him ..  , he had to leave and go  handle business .. So I'm here alone again .. Haven't heard from anyone . So I'm happy about that also .. I don't know how they would react if they found out about Marco and I  , we'll cross that bridge when it happens .. I already took my shower before Marco left .. I've been sitting on my bed in my towel  ever since , , I put on my bra set .. And a mini dress .. I let my hair stay curly .. I applied lip gloss and put my gold sandals on .. I grabbed my phone .. It was 3 in the afternoon I made my way down stairs .. And went outside in the backyard  There was a field I big opening un to of the hill  .. With flowers .. It's really pretty I like to disappear up here  it's soothing and very peaceful .. All I do is sit in the opening .. One night when I was alone I watched the stars in the sky it was a beautiful sight to see , I made my way back inside .. And closed the back door .. I walked into the family room and started going through people's snapchat stories .. I heard the front door close

"Jia " I heard Marcos voice boomed

"In the family room " I replied

I felt his presence behind me I turned around .. And he was looking at me ..  He came around and sat beside me 
I felt my heart tryna jump the fuck outta my chest ..

"Wassup ma " he said staring at me

I cleared my throat " uh nothing .. So we doing for the rest of the day "

" we" he asked he looked at me and laughed

"Yeah we as in me and you .. Slow much " I said in a duh tone

" I mean we still gotta talk about what happened last night and this morning" he said staring at me

I got nervous instantly " okay talk I uhm I'm listening " I said starting to play with my fingers

" ight first ..last night shouldn't have gone that far ma .. I mean .. I took you're virginity .. , doesn't make shit any better cause I was involved .. And then this morning .. Again us .. Jia what are you doin to me .. "

" I don't regret giving you my virginity Marco .. It was everything .. You cared .., I know I kinda pushed it but I knew what I was doing .. And I wanted you , and what do you mean what am I doing to you ? " I asked looking at him

" damn you're suppose to be like another little sister to me .. But now it's something different.. Shit .. Look I got feelings for you Jia .. They growing .. "
Waaaaaaaaaaaaiiiit did he just omg omg he said he has feelings for me !!!!  Jia Jia chill keep you're composure don't let me know you're excited

" you do " I asked staring at him

" yes but I wanna make you mine .. You mine girl .. Title or not .. You're mine " he said with a little aggressiveness in this voice ..
Damn that turned me on

" but what about everyone else .. How do think they're gonna react " I asked starting to worry cause I know Imma wanna be around Marco a lot .. Good dick like his you can't stay sane .. And he put in doooowwn good

" they don't need to know .. Not untill we fully ready .. To tell them .. Doesn't mean I won't find ways to get you alone .. Remember who I am " he said smirking  , it's true Marco get away with a lot .. Just imagine us sneaking around .. Idc as long as he's mine

"Alright" I said climbing on top of him kissing him .. He kissed back .. He grabbed my ass as we kissed for what it seems like forever really I couldn't get enough of him .. , we pulled away but I kissed him again and pulled away blushing looking down

" don't look down babygirl .. I got chu " he said lifting  my head with his finger

"Promise " I said looking in his eyes

"I promise baby girl " he replied looking back at me , I blushed

" I love how I can make you blush " he said chuckling  , I punched his chest and blushed again hiding my face in his neck

"Baby I'm hungry let's go get something to eat " he said , I laughed and nodded I got off his lap and stood up

" that ass " I looked at him and he was licking his lip 
"Omg Marco stop " I said blushing walking away making my way outside " you're driving and we taking my car I said to him

He nodded  we got into my white Audi its bullet proof .. I don't know why my father thought this was  okay he got it shipped here I got in the passenger seat , Marco closed my door the went around and got in and started the car
"Where are we going to eat " I said looking at him
" let's go to Swiss chalet" he suggested  , a smile pop up on my face " I lovveeee they fries

"Okaaaay"  he laughed and pulled off ..  , while he was driving , i was snapping videos and photos of him

" you better delete those Jia " he said  shit I got caught I laughed

" why these are memories " I said ..

We finally pulled up to Swiss chalet we got out  we started walking when this girl walked over

"Hey Marco, why haven't you been calling me back baby  , " she said staring at him

"Bruh I ain't you're baby .. You was a quick nut now move out my way "Marco said .. His jaw clenched together

The girls eyes landed on me " well excuse  the fuck out of me .. Marco got a new hoe , that's why you haven't been calling me "

This bitch did not just .. You know what
" bruh I ain't a fuckin hoe .. But I couldn't say the same for you .. Don't ever come for me and I ain't send for you .. Marco control your thots I don't got time for this "

I said walking away .. Going inside .. The restaurant and sitting down .. I was so caught up in him that I forgot that Marco is a hoe .. All he does is fuck girls and leave them " I sighed ..

5 mins later .. He sat in front of me .. I didn't even care .. I started going through my phone

"Baby" he said "Jia " ' I just ignored him ..
"Stop being so childish I know yo ass can hear me Man " he said annoyed
"What Marco , what do you want " I asked looking at him

" first drop the fuckin attitude , look I ain't know that shit was gone happen .. " he said

"Whatever Marco .. Just keep your hoes  in check .. I'm not gonna fight for a spot in you're life " I said looking at him

He didn't reply , the waiter came over I placed my order and waited .. Scrolling through my phone ..

"So you're just not gonna talk to me " he said

"what do you want me to say Marco "

"You what fuck it " he said but more to him self ..

Our food came we ate in silence but I could feel his gaze on me .. , after we were finish .. He paid .. I got up grabbing my phone and walked outside .. .. Looking around .. I seen two black cars passing by ..

"Yo Jia " I heard .. I turned around and shots started firing .. Everything went blank .

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