Chapter 1 ''Welcome to the crew!''

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(You are Matt's Little sister in this story) 


(Y/N) = Your Name.

(Y/N) finished Packing your stuff into your car, you where moving in with Matt and his friends, ''man how long as it been since i have seen Matt?....Years....'' (Y/N) said to herself. (Y/N) sighed and Drove off to Matt's house, ''I wonder What his friends are like'' (Y/N) Said in her head. 

*Hours later* 

(Y/N) Got out of the car, ''SIS!!!!!!'' Matt said as he ran to give you a big hug, he was followed by 2 other guys, One guy had a green hoodie on, he was holding a cola can, The other guy had No eyes, Or maybe he had black eyes, he was wearing a blue hoodie, (Y/N) smiled and hugged Matt, ''Matt...Who is this?'' The Guy with No eyes asked. ''Guys, This is my Little sister!'' Matt said, ''N-Nice to meet you...'' (Y/N) said. ''I'm Edd!'' said the Guy in the green hoodie, holding cola, ''....I'm Tom....'' Said the guy with No eyes and a blue hoodie. ''my N-Name is (Y/N) Hargeaves...'' (Y/N) said.''Alright, Hey Tom, Can you bring my sister's Stuff into the house please?'' Matt asked, ''Ugh....Fine'' Tom said, He went over to (Y/N)'s Car and Got some of your stuff out and brought it into the house, Matt showed where (Y/N)'s room will be, ''You can sleep with Tom, He is the only One with a queen sized bed'' Matt said, ''Wait what?'' Tom said, Blushing as he Brought more stuff into the house ''...Fine...'' Tom said. 

*Time skip brought to you by my lazzynes* 

It soon became night.

(Y/N) Got on her Pajamas, She wore a shirt that said ''Korn'' On it and Shorts (YEA KORN!!!)

(Y/N) Crawled into bed, Tom wasn't in bed yet, Just then the door opened, Tom had a glass of Smirnoff in his hand, He had His ''Stay Safe'' Asdf shirt on and boxers. ( :3333) He put the glass of  Alcohol down on the table next to him, (Y/N) pretended to sleep, ''I know you are awake...'' Tom said, (Y/N) Didn't move. Tom sighed and crawled into bed, His back facing (Y/N)'s. 

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