Chapter 4

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"Niall!!" I yelled throughout the house he had texted me while I was working; that Liam and him were coming over for a guys night out and now Liam and I, were waiting for him to finish getting ready because he claimed he needed to get laid tonight.

"Oi stop your yelling I'm coming!" his Irish  accent rang through my ears as he ran down the stairs and Liam wolf whistled.

"Damn Nialler you clean up good, everyone at the club is gonna want a piece of your Irish ass." Niall blushed at Liam's words and I agreed he's gonna get laid for sure.

"Thanks guys but let's hurry so we can get finally get a big booth." and with that we left.


"Look at Niall chatting up that girl !" I pointed at the fake blonde talking to another fake blonde her roots were giving it away.

"He's so gonna get laid." Liam chuckled "What about you tommo I don't see you talking up any guy and there's some pretty cute ones tonight." he wiggled he's eyebrows.

"Likewise Payne you haven't talked to any guys especially that one in the corner who hasn't stopped staring since we sat down." Liam blushed and turned to look at the brown haired boy.

"He's not really my type." Liam has a type?

"You're bi you don't really have a type." he hit my arm and furrowed he's eyebrows but chuckled.

"Talking about bi how come I saw you making out with a GIRL?" he seemed surprised.

"Eh I don't really know she was cute I was drunk alright." he rolled he's eyes

"Just admit you're bi."

"I don't like pussy as much as I LOVE dick so I don't think I can call myself bi." he laughed but suddenly froze when a unknown voice said , "Liam?"

The person to the voice was Zayn, Harry's friend who could forget him he's literally a god.

Liam was still frozen eyes wide like a deer caught in headlights when Zayn appeared and smiled "It is you wow didn't know if it was actually you." he said looking over at me "Oh hey Louis." he sat in the booth as Liam scooted over.

"Hey Zayn." I said as I gave Liam a weird look as to why he was being so quiet he finally spoke up "Hi." he's cheeks were flushed red.

"When did you guys get here?" Zayn asked scooting closer to Liam wait? Liam's flustered he froze up and he's being quiet I see what's going on.

"Almost an hour ago." I responded since Liam was just staring at Zayn like he was admiring art work which he kinda is.

"Weird Harry, Nick and I arrived about an hour ago too and we didn't happen to see you guys." Wait hold the phone Harry's here?

"Yeah weird.." Liam whispers and Zayn turns to smile at him and they start there own conversation. Wow talk about being a third wheel.

I get up using I have to piss as an excuse to leave although I doubt they heard over the intense staring and fonding.

I walk into the restroom pretending I didn't see the certain curly haired boy. I'm finishing up and about to wash my hands when I hear a faint squeal and a "Louis?"

I look up to see those green eyes he looks really good he's wearing a black button up and he's usual black skinny jeans and brown boots. "Hey."

"Hey didn't expect to see you here." he handed me a paper towel as he spoke.

"Likewise." he smiled "So who are you here with?"

"Oh someone you haven't really meet." play hard to get tommo.

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