The day passed by slowly, I had every class with Hermione, Brody and Whitney. It was a nightmare. I either sat beside Hermione, or Brody or I was stuck with Whitney at my side. I didn't want Whitney, I didn't even like her like that. She felt like a friend or a sister nothing more.

Just as the day ended I thought I was free, that was short lived when Brody seemed to be following me to the parking lot Hermione at his side. I got to my car and unlocked it only to realize they had parked beside me.

"Hey Draco how about you and your girlfriend double date with us." He asked me.

Whitney walked over to me and leaned into my arms wrapping them around me. She looked up at my face and pouted - I hoped I never had to see that soppy look again - before she answered for me.

"We would love to" she spoke.

Uh no I don't want to be anywhere on a double date with you especially when the other girl happens to be the one I love. I don't want to watch the love of my life snogging another man. But I didn't want to back down, I wanted to be there with Hermione even if she wasn't mine.

"Yeah I don't see why not" I replied.

"Okay we can meet at my place" Brody suggested, handing me a piece of paper that he scribbled his address on. "We can leave from there."

"Okay, well I should get home I will see you guys later." I kindly shook Brodys hand and took a long glance at Hermione who did the same.

I leaned in and hugged her. "Just so you know Hermione, I love you and only you" I whispered in her ear. As I leaned back I saw a expression on her face that I couldn't disect. I was unsure whether she was happy, or sad about my words.

Whitney got in my car and we left to head to her home. I dropped her off with the promise of picking her up later after I met Brody and Hermione and then headed home.

I sat on my couch with my eyes closed thinking about having Hermione in my arms again. It was driving me insane about how much I missed her. I enjoyed college and wish I would have given it a chance. I am sure we would still be together if I had. Before I knew it my clock in the corner chimed announcing a new hour. I opened my eyes and realized it was time to head over to his house.

I parked a few feet away and began walking to the front door. Before I could knock I heard a loud crash and a scream that sounded like Hermiones. My breath caught in my throat as I slowly looked through the window. On the floor lay Hermione and standing above her was Brody. He was yelling and screaming at her while kicking her simeltaneously. I clenched my fist and reached inside my suit jacket for my wand only to find it wasn't there.

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