My Alpha Mate Doesn't Love Me And I'm Having His Baby!

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Being the alpha's mate had always been the one thing I was most proud of. Dean had picked me at the ripe age of fourteen over all the other females in his pack, over all the females of his race to choose me.

I was human but had always known that werewolves existed because my best friend was one, it was because of her that I'd ever even met Dean and for that I was grateful.

But here I stood in the middle of our bedroom, seven months pregnant with the alpha's baby, yelling at said alpha.

Man he was hot, his body was tanned, toned and absolutely perfect. His face so beautiful it shocked me sometimes and his big strong arms. Those arms could kill and give the world's best cuddles.

"What's wrong baby girl?" he asked, frowning at me as if I was going batshit crazy, oh he hadn't seen anything yet.

The reason for my anger?

Let's just say that after three years I was only now realizing that he wasn't in love with me. It had been staring me in the face for so long and yet I'd been too much of a dumbass to realize it.

"Don't baby girl me Dean! Answer my question!" I practically screamed, letting my anger drive my crazy behavior.

How had I realized? It had just come and hit me in the face like a really badly coordinated high five.

He only gave me cuddles and kisses if I asked for them, he never seemed to enjoy my company and when I tried starting up a conversation with him he'd quickly turn it into us having sex.

The moment I had told him that I was pregnant, that seemed to be all he could think about. I'd known that as the alpha female of the pack.

Bearing a baby, preferably a son was the most important job that I had and for a while it seemed as if I couldn't even do that.

Every time we had sex he'd be eager for me to take a pregnancy test the following day, always disappointed when it came up negative.

He'd had his suspicions that it was because I was human although he never said it to me, I knew that the whole pack was thinking it.

I hated those days because he'd grow quiet and ignore me as if it were my fault and I'd then be racked with guilt the entire time.

He stared at me blankly with those dark eyes that made me want to melt "What was the question?"

I literally felt like ripping my hair out I was so frustrated, "Do you love me?" I asked again.

Dean got out of bed, only wearing boxers, giving me a very delicious view of his toned torso. His arms wrapped around my body although the bump got in the way.

"April you know I do, come to bed babe" he said in his most convincing voice, that voice had been irresistible but now it just sounded manipulative.

Looking up at him and I said "Then say it, it's just three words Dean, three little words" waiting slightly impatiently.

He sighed "Why are we arguing about something so stupid?"

That's when I knew that he'd never say it, all hell broke loose after that and I ripped myself from his arms.

"All you want is this baby Dean! Why don't you love me? I've done everything, been everything for you and still it's not enough!" I yelled at him, emotional tears running down my face.

I'd left my family and my whole entire life for him; all my dreams were never going to happen now that my only job was to be a mother and the alpha female.

Sure I was hormonal and just slightly crazy but I'd just had enough of his games.

I'd never worried about him not saying it before because Dean had never been a guy who was into showing emotions, but after so long it grew worrying.

"April you're being ridiculous, you're just tired. Come to bed and we'll talk about this tomorrow" this time he spoke firmly, letting me know that I wouldn't get anywhere by yelling and stomping my swollen feet.

Slowly I joined him in bed, facing away from him and refusing to give him a good night kiss so I could think.

Now I knew that I had the choice whether to stay with my mate and the only man I'd ever loved, trying in vain to make him love me or leave him to start a new life with the baby he'd been wanting for so long...

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