Chapter 1: On The Edge

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A/N: Hello my companions! It's nice to see you guys again with a new story. This time with the one, the only, Antisepticeye. I've never made a Anti x Reader story before, so bare with me on him, okay? Anyway, let's begin the story.

* Future Anti's POV*

Another kill, another death, another day is all the same. My life is like a repeating recorder that plays a song over and over again. I had my list of victims that I hated the most or just wanted to kill for fun... but there was one girl I couldn't-, that I wouldn't be able to kill... what made not want to kill her? To see her blood on my hands? To hear her delicious cries of pain and mercy... I couldn't do it for some odd reason... Maybe, maybe it was her (E/C) eyes, the way it shined/popped out as the sun hit them or maybe it was her (H/C) hair that looked like a river... I'm not sure why, hell I don't even know upon this very day. She just took my breathe away... I mean how the hell could you not? She basically got all the humans her attention, she even got mine. How in the world did a demon fall in love with a human anyway? It must be some charm or spell that got me under her. But for now, I shouldn't really talk a lot about her, for now I have a story to tell about us. Let's begin from the beginning where I first saw her...

*Anti's POV*

Now, if I remember correctly, I was actually out killing a group of people. They were a gang that killed and rape women for the money and pleasure. I myself had to deal with them once in a while back then, but this time it was the last straw. I remember hunting them down one by one until it was only their leader left. He was a big tall man, probably weighting at 300 pounds with a smugged look on his face. "Ah, good old Anti. What brings ya here on this lovely night? You come to join us?" "No, but I'm here to take you got for good and you know damn well why." "Easy little fella, I don-" before he could finish his sentence I punched him in the head as my eyes got brighter. "Don't call me little, you know what you fucking did. You disobeyed my rule breaking in and kidnapping women in the apartments near by my place. You know how many cops had ended up thinking I was the one?" I hissed in his ear as I pinned him down to the concrete. "I-I'm sorry A-Anti w-we were on-only trying to get o-our money back from Geo-George. Th-The ba-bastard hasn't pa-paid up ye-yet. I-I swear to y-you An-Anti." The man whimpered to me as my breathe touch the back of his head before I whispered to him. "That is a lie Frank... You know I don't like liars... You know what happens when I'm lied to?" I growled every word as I break his legs in one swift movement. The man screamed out in pain as I chuckled at the poor fool. "Oh, I'm sorry, does that hurt?" "Pl-Please sto-stop An-Anti, I-I-I pro-promise i-." "YOUR PROMISES MEAN NOTHING TO ME! YOU DISOBEYED MY RULE AND THEN LIE TO ME... and you know what happenes now Frank? ... It's off with your head." I laughed as cried out for help as I cut his head off and heard a scream behind me.

Looking about that the scream was a girl I've never seen before. '(F/C) jeans, (2F/C) hoodie and shoes... how the hell didn't see her coming?' I thought as she ran away while I was distracted by my thoughts before I shake my head. I quickly chased after her as fast as I can and right before she cried for help I shut her mouth, dragging her into the darkness. She struggled against me as I pinned her to the wall about to slice her throat when I stopped. 'She's... beauti-, What the hellis wrong with me!?! She's a fucking human who I just saw me kill that man. I should end her-!' Soft crying was heard as I look down at her seeing tears fall with her eyes shut in fear. I glared at her for moment before speaking. "You, you know what you saw? You saw nothing nor heard anything. If I hear you tell anyone of what I did... well you know what will happen, you'll end up like him back there... You understand..." I say lowly as I press my head against her causing her to freeze. "Answer me..." I uncover her mouth to hear her whimper out. "Y-Yes... I-I pro-promise..." "Good girl... now tell me who you are, because I've never seen you around here before." "M-My n-na-name?" "Yes are you deaf? Tell me now or you're dead." I hissed as she turned her head in fear. "M-My nam-name i-i-is (F/N) (M/N) (L/N)... I-I ju-just mov-moved he-here ju-just a-a fe-few da-days ag-ago..." "Where from?" "Tennessee... p-please do-don't hurt m-me..." she begged as I pressed my body against hers making her gasp. "As long as you be a good girl... I won't hurt you... but if you tell... then I'll have a special surprise... just... for... you." I say while I move my mouth to her ear and bite it lightly making it bleed. Moving back I walk away and stopped. "Go home girl, you don't know what lurkers out here..." I say before continuing my way home leaving the girl in shock. Disappearing into the darkness I here her get up slowly and walked home quietly to not get noticed. '... What am I doing... I should've just killed her... but there's something exciting about that I can't help and let her living... maybe watching what she does will be entertaining...' I thought before heading towards my apartment.

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